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The iconic snowflake is one of my favorite shapes in color knitting. It conjures chills from winds of Nordic winters past which begs one to grab their warm, wooly wears.

Anja begins with a 1x1 rib, then after a quick row of increases to shape the beret and a few rows of knitting, you enter the fun part—the color work. The leafy bit is easily memorized and the snowflake, which may require the chart to stay close at hand, is quite pleasurable to witness taking shape. The motif is balanced on the top with reverse-direction leaves. The color work is simple enough for a beginner to attempt, and easier still, the crown is kept in a solid background so one can shape this beret to a close rather quickly, without fuss.

Here, I chose the colors Bird’s egg (blue) and Winesap (red) to give the beret a modern in a vintage-y kind of way look. Topped off with a plush pom-pom, of course.

spacer model: Chloe Cekada
spacer photos: Carrie Bostick Hoge
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One, Woman’s Average

Brim circumference 18½", unstretched


Quince & Co. Chickadee [100% American wool; 181 yds per 50g skein]
spacer [MC] Bird’s egg; 1 skein
spacer [CC] Winesap; 1 skein

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below -- every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer 1 16-inch US 3/3.25mm circular needle
spacer 1 16-inch US 4/3.5mm circular needle
spacer US #4/3.5mm DPNs or 1 long circular for working the crown

spacer Yarn needle
spacer Stitch marker
spacer 10.5 inch dinner plate (for blocking)


24 sts/35 rounds = 4 inches in color pattern

[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

Pom-pom: Instructions for making a pom-pom can be found here


With smaller circular needle and MC, CO 96 sts.

Place marker for start of round and join to work in the rnd, being careful not to twist.

Ribbing round: [K1, p1] around.

Work ribbing as set for 1 inch.

Increase round: [K1, kfb] around. 144 sts.

Change to larger needles. 
Knit 3 rounds.

Begin Color Pattern
Join CC.

Work Chart 8 times across round.

Work as set until round 31 of chart is complete.

Break CC and knit 3 rnds even in MC.

Crown Shaping
Note: Change to DPNs or magic loop when necessary.

Round 1: [K10, k2tog] around. 132 sts.

Round 2 and all following even rounds: Knit.

Round 3: [K9, k2tog] around. 120 sts.

Round 5: [K8, k2tog] around. 108 sts.

Round 7: [K7, k2tog] around. 96 sts.

Round 9: [K6, k2tog] around. 84 sts.

Round 11: [K5, k2tog] around. 72 sts.
Round 13: [K4, k2tog] around. 60 sts.
Round 15: [K3, k2tog] around. 48 sts.
Round 17: [K2, k2tog] around. 36 sts.
Round 19: [K1, k2tog] around. 24 sts.
Round 21: [K2tog around. 12 sts.
Round 23: K2tog around. 6 sts.
Round 24: Knit.

Break yarn, draw through remaining sts and pull tight.


Using CC make a 1.5 inch diameter pom-pom. Sew to crown of beret.

Using tapestry needle, weave in ends. Place beret over plate and steam. Let dry before removing.


designernamespacer Carrie Bostick Hoge lives in Maine with her husband and baby girl. She works as Art Director for Quince & Company during the week and plays in her backyard studio for Madder on the weekends.

You can read more about her on her blog.