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I’m a spinner and a knitter. Never even thought of designing anything, but when Knittyspin editor, Jillian Moreno, asks she doesn’t take no for an answer.

The guidelines were simple: something lace spun from wool from a Longwool sheep.

Masham is a love of mine. I wanted a shrug that a roundish, curvy girl could wear without completely feeling like she was all front - if you know what I mean.

What happened was a design I love and so does my 22 year old, very slim daughter.

You can make the underarm seams shorter or longer to suit your very own shape.

spacer model: Beth Smith spacer photos: Lou Smith



Length: 46 inches
Width / sleeve circumference: 20 inches



spacer [MC] Black Bunny Fibers Masham, color: orange/pink; 4 oz; 11wpi, approx. 700yd/640m
spun short backward draw
spacer [CC] Spunky Eclectic Romney, color: Blush; 2 oz; 11wpi, approx. 100yd/91m

Commercial yarn alternative
spacer for both yarns, choose a worsted-weight semi solid

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below -- every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer 1 pair 3mm straight needles
Note: 3mm needles are between US #2 and US #3 in size.

spacer Safety pin
spacer Yarn needle


16 sts/25 rows = 4 inches in Lace Pattern, after blocking


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

yo2: Yarn over twice. (Wrap yarn twice, from front to back, over right needle).
In the following row, knit into the first loop of the yo2, dropping the second loop from the left needle.
In the lace pattern directions below, “drop loop” indicates the point at which the second loop of the yo2 is dropped from the left needle.

Lace Pattern (Worked over a multiple of 5 sts + 3):
Set-up Row: K3, [yo2, k2tog, k3] to end.
Row 1: K3, [k2, drop loop, yo2, k2tog, k1] to end.
Row 2: K3, [drop loop, k2, yo2, k2tog, k1] to end.
Row 3: K3, [drop loop, yo2, k2tog, k3] to end.
Repeat Rows 1-3 for Lace Pattern. Note that lace pattern is reversible.

Dropped Stitch Rib Pattern (Worked over a multiple of 3 sts + 1):
Row 1 [RS]: K1 tbl, [p2, k1 tbl] to end.
Row 2 [WS]: P1, [k1 tbl, k1, p1] to end.
Repeat Rows 1-2 until work is desired length, ending with Row 2, then proceed as follows:
Last Row [RS]: K1 tbl, [drop next st from left needle, p1, k1 tbl] to end.
Allow all dropped sts to unravel to row of picked-up sts.


Using MC, loosely CO 63 sts.

Work in Lace Pattern until work measures 38 inches, or 8 inches less than desired length.

Loosely BO all sts.

Use a safety pin to mark one side of work as RS.

Using CC and with WS facing, pick up and k 61 sts along one short edge of piece. This will form a ridge on RS of work.

Work Dropped Stitch Rib Pattern until cuff measures 4 inches, ending with Last Row as given in stitch pattern directions.

BO all sts very loosely.

Work second cuff in the same way.


Weave in ends and block to measurements given.

Fold in half so that long edges meet. Working from picked-up edge of cuff towards center, sew long edges together for approx. 5 inches (cuffs are not sewn together at edges). Try shrug on to determine whether seams should be lengthened or shortened; adjust as necessary.

Weave in remaining ends.


Beth is a fiber shop owner by day collecting as many fleeces as she can before she dies.

By night she is the Longwools Avenger, righting all the wrongs and educating the masses on the uses of wools other than Merino and Blue Faced Leicester.