Knitty: little purls of wisdom


In this world, change is the only constant. And so it is with great thanks (and not a little sadness) that we say farewell to Theresa Vinson Stenersen as our Techniques columnist.

Theresa was with Knitty since the very beginning, just about, and has been writing Techniques with Theresa for almost 10 years. She needed a change, and though we're so very sad to see her go, we are thankful for her legacy: so many wonderful photographic tutorials that so many knitters have used over the years, and will continue to use for years to come.

Thank you, Theresa. We love you.

So now we have to move ahead, and we've decided the way to do that is with video. For the first time ever, we are opening this position up to the general knitting public [that's you!] and offering everyone a chance to become our newest Columnist.

Call for entries: Techniques Video Columnist for Knitty

The successful Video Columnist will have these characteristics, skills and assets:

  • a burning desire to share knowledge with the knitting community
  • a solid understanding of knitting and how fabric is constructed
  • a pleasing manner of speaking, with a voice that is easily understood
  • unquestionable fluency in English
  • the ability to explain and demonstrate any technique succinctly, with confidence and clarity
  • the ability to continually research techniques that they are not yet familiar with and to keep current as new techniques are created or unvented
  • access to high-quality video/audio recording equipment
  • the ability to edit and produce a complete a high-quality Video Column illustrating one or -- ideally -- a series of techniques, on deadline, 4x per year [one Video Column per issue of Knitty], ready for the editor to upload to the server
  • well-groomed hands, since these will be the focus of every Video Column
  • be open and responsive to input and respectful critique from Knitty's editors about all aspects of your work

Remuneration: $125 per column. Knitty will host the Video Column on our servers and our YouTube channel in perpetuity. The Video Columnist agrees to allow us one-year exclusivity for this video; after the first year, they may use it as they wish after removing the Knitty branding.

Here's how to apply for the position:

  • Prepare two videos:
    1. Topic: Cabling without a cable needle
    2. Topic: A technique of the applicant's choice [hint: Wow us]
      - Each video should be no more than 4 minutes long
      - Videos should be created exactly as you would create content for your Video Column, in HD if possible, with the same attention to detail you would bring to us every issue. This is your chance to show us the quality of your work. Your Video Column must be fully edited, ready to be viewed by Knitty readers. Note: these videos are for evaluation purposes by Knitty's editorial staff only, and will not be shown to Knitty readers.
  • Tell us about yourself in any way you'd like to...words, pictures, videos, or a combination of the above. Who are you, why do you want to do this, and why should we choose you?
  • Provide a list of 8 future Video Column topics that you would produce, if chosen to fill this position.
  • Send an email with the subject "VIDEO COLUMNIST entry details, please" to this address and we will respond with instructions on how to upload your entry to our Dropbox.
  • Upload your entry, as one zipped file, including your two videos, your "all about me" piece (in whatever form it takes) and a simple text file with the future Video Column topics. Ensure your name and email address are easily found within your submission. Your submission must be received by the deadline below to be eligible for consideration. All entrants will receive a note with our decision on their entry before the successful candidate is announced. If your entry has made it into the Dropbox by the deadline, you will be considered for the position.

Q: Please explain "[mysterious term]" to me?
A: This position requires someone who can answer these questions themselves. If you don't understand the terminology or technical requirements that we've mentioned above, it's up to you to teach yourself what they mean. This skill is exactly what this job is about: teaching yourself something you may not yet know how to do, so that you can demonstrate it very well.

Q: How long will this position run for?
A: We are asking for a commitment of a minimum of one year, which is 4 Video Columns. If you and Knitty's editors enjoy working together and our readers appreciate the content you're creating, the position will continue indefinitely, as long as you're willing to continue with us.

Q: What kind of techniques do you want us to demonstrate?
A: Take a look at the patterns we publish in Knitty. What techniques do we require an explanation for? [Hint: see the Pattern Notes section in each pattern].

Q: What will make the successful candidate stand out from the competition?
A: They'll be creative, surprise us, and make sure their video is immaculate: clean and non-distracting background, suitable yarn and needles to demonstrate each technique, 100% crystal-clear focus [macro when necessary], perfectly lit, with clean, well-balanced audio.

The successful applicant will be chosen by the time the Deep Fall issue goes live [early September 2012] and contacted by email. Their name will be announced on the KnittyBlog sometime in September.

Deadline for application: Friday, August 24, 2012 - midnight, PST.