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Lucy Neatby

That time of year is here again in the UK -- time to wrap up warm and fight off the elements. For me, that means time to dress up! I love hats. Anyone who knows me knows I love hats. I make hats, wear hats, live hats, dream hats. All the time. Whether they be beanies, berets or simple rib hats. Hats with flaps, peaks, bobbles, loops, tubes, and teats.

For this hat, I wanted something stylish, yet easy to knit and wear. Inspired by a hat I designed from crocheted 'granny square' hexagons, it was time for a knitted version. Constructed from flat hexagons, the pattern uses decrease techniques to form the shapes, which are then joined with blanket stitch which gives this hat a definitive edge.

Working small sections at a time makes this an ideal project that can be picked up and put down again without worry. Being knitted in bulky wool makes it a quick last minute gift. Why not celebrate the granny squares of the '70s, stash-bust and make each one in a different color? Or go for a more sophisticated look, using tonal colors. You could even party it up and use a lurex yarn for the trim.

model: Amy Wilkinson photos: Ruth Paisley

XS[S, M, L] (shown in size M )

Head: 18[20, 22, 24] inches

[MC] Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky [85% wool, 15% mohair; 125yd/114m per 113g/4oz skein]; color: M-34 Victorian Pink; 1 skein
[CC] Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Worsted [85% wool, 15% mohair; 190yd/173m per 113g/4oz skein]; color: M-173 Wild Violet; 1 skein (Approx. 10% of the skein is used)

1 set US #10/6mm double-point needles
Split ring marker or safety pin
Tapestry needle


12 sts/19 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch

[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here]

This hat is constructed of 7 hexagons, each worked separately, then joined using blanket stitch (worked in CC). After constructing the main body of the hat, stitches are picked up around the lower edge and worked in the round for the brim.

Information about Steam Blocking can be found here.

Instructions for Blanket Stitch can be found here.


Hexagon (Make 7)
Using MC, CO 48[60, 60, 60] sts. Divide evenly between three double-point needles (16[20, 20, 20] sts on each needle) and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist. If desired, after first round is worked, place split ring marker or safety pin in work to indicate beginning of round.

K 1 round.

Size XS Only: Proceed to Round 3.

Sizes S, M, L Only: Proceed to Round 1.

Round 1: K3, ssk, [k2tog, k6, ssk] 5 times, k2tog, k3. 48 sts.

Even-numbered Rounds 2-8: K all sts.

Round 3: K2, ssk, [k2tog, k4, ssk] 5 times, k2tog, k2. 36 sts.

Round 5: K1, ssk, [k2tog, k2, ssk] 5 times, k2tog, k1. 24 sts.

Round 7: [Ssk, k2tog] 6 times. 12 sts.

Round 9: [K2tog] 6 times. Break yarn, draw through remaining 6 sts and pull tight.

Weave in all ends. Steam block Hexagons.

Arrange Hexagons according to construction diagram. Using blanket stitch and CC, sew edges of Hexagons together. Match the points marked *, and sew the side edges together. The bottom edges of each section (marked with parallel lines) will form the edge of the brim.

Hat Brim
Using MC and with RS facing, pick up and k 8[10, 10, 10] stitches along the lower edge of each Hexagon and 1[1, 1, 2] sts in end of each seam. 54[66, 66, 72] sts. Brim will be worked in the round.

Size S Only:
First Round: [K9, k2tog] 6 times. 60 sts.

All Sizes:
Work in stockinette st (k all rounds) until work measures approx. 2 inches from base of Hexagons, or desired length. Loosely BO all sts.


Using CC, work blanket stitch around lower edge of brim.
Weave in ends.
Lightly block and lay flat to dry.


Woolly, her hats, and her partner, currently live in London. When not making hats, they are planning their escape in their specially converted truck, when they will be taking Woolly's fiber, spinning wheel, knitting needles, and a crochet hook or two out on the open road. Her partner's only worry is how much space there will be for him.

Visit her website.