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It's time for the first big Knitty contest!

You've seen all the cool swag we review each issue. Well, it's time to share the wealth. To celebrate our 2nd anniversary issue [which goes live this September], we're giving away cool stuff! All you have to do be eligible is join the Knitty readers mailing list. If you're already on the list, you're entered to win! There will be lots of prizes, including a very deluxe Tom Bihn laptop bag, a kit from BagSmith, and knitting books you will love.

Winners will be announced with the publication of the fall 2004 issue, so join us now!

Damn, we're sexy.

Hasn't this been a fun issue to work on?

[The answer is yes.]

I held my breath while the submissions poured in but never once had to call the morality squad.

Knitty designers clearly get sexy without sleaze. Yummy.

We've got everything from innocent-looking hide-it accessories to the juciest corset ever knitted. [If you're not well-endowed enough to fill our cover design, we do not recommend surgery. We suggest you knit the less-voluptuous version instead.]

When I announced the theme of this issue, a few readers were horrified. I hope now they are less so...and I really hope they knit some of this stuff. It's hot. And not the least bit ooky.

Last issue was the the first where our contributors were paid for their efforts. I just loved sending out the first Paypal payments.

Your continued support of Knitty's advertisers continues to make Knitty an attractive place for their ad dollars. [Thank you!] Ad dollars translate into fees for our contributors. They also mean that you get to read Knitty for free, and we think free is good.

So if you're going to buy yarn and supplies [if? :-)], please consider giving our ads a click.

If you read my editor's blog, you'll know that, again this year, Team Knitty will be walking the Run for the Cure [yes, walking is very much allowed -- more than half of the participants walk it] to support breast cancer research. But there's more news, and it's amazing, so please take a moment and visit the blog now. And let Elann know how much you appreciate their support of this worthy cause. They're amazing partners, in business and otherwise.

Since the last issue, the news on my upcoming book, Knit Wit, is that it's being printed right freaking now. I am just plotzing, waiting to see the first printed copy. The last proofs were beautiful, but there were finishing touches I didn't get to see and I just can't wait!

If you can't wait [okay, I needed some kind of segue. Sue me], visit the new book website over here, and sign up for the mailing list. As with all my lists, the names will not be shared with anyone, period. It's a low-volume list for occasional announcements about the book and fun related thereto. For example, everyone who's on the list already has been invited to the book launch party.

You wanna come too? Cool. Join the list.

The book website will be hosting online chats with the designers in the book and there will be lots more fun. See you there!