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Cool stuff!
[in which the editor of this magazine is glad she publishes on the web where there are no limits to how long a column can be...cause there is an overload of new cool stuff to share this issue!]

Techniques with Theresa
[in which Theresa shows us how to pull it together invisibly]

Thinking beyond the pattern
[due to a family emergency, this column has been delayed.]

The Travelling Knitter
[in which a knitter, forced to travel regularly for her day job, turns it into a really cool information source for the rest of us]


Knitting Patterns 102
[in which the prodigal daughter returns and shares a little of her hard-earned wisdom]

Knitting is sexy
[in which the author explores the L word and the K word and finds them to be linked]

Words of wisdom from the knitting plant freak
[in which we learn that "bast" isn't just the start of a pseudo-swear word]

Knitters against Bush...a tale of protest and community
[in which knitters use the internet to meet like-minded others and take it to the street]

Sex & knitting: a very non-boring sociological perspective
[in which knitting may or may not equal sex. we're still not sure.]