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Irreverant Discourse and Q&A with Bonne Marie Burns of

One of my favorite vintage knitting magazines is Mon Tricot which translates to "My Knitting". Well, here at Knitty, I hope MY knitting becomes YOUR knitting. Or rather, what I know travels to your needles and propels you to new adventures in garmenting and creative fun.

We're gonna talk about beating The Stall: those things that make us stop in the middle of an exciting creative moment because we don't have the knowledge to continue. Maybe we're missing the friendly folk to ask. Or perhaps a pattern is so convoluted in our mind that it just doesn't make sense. Sometimes The Stall is a boyfriend who's just being a boy and making our brains twist and shout.

La Bonne Tricoteuse has been through all this and more. I am an amazon girded with the double yoke of knowledge and irreverance. Which means I probably know the answer and am just too silly to hold back even if it doesn't match what you've heard on the internet or in one of those other knitting magazines.

We're going to be modern. I believe the time has come for hand-knitters to jump into the 21st and throw down all those restrictions and rules that make your work look like it came from the set of "Diagnosis Murder". We want what's Chic and we want to knit it ourselves.

And we're going to be romantic, because fashion, after all is nature's way of gilding the lily. La Bonne Marie believes that you are what you wear and your world will eat you up if you look good, especially in something you made yourself.

Send me sightings [on tv, on the street, in magazines] that you'd like to see interpreted for your needlecraft. Believe me, Mr. Corporate America will be reading this.

2002 Bonne Marie Burns