Hey, come on in. Nice to see you
[in which the editor welcomes you to her new magazine and hopes you will enjoy your visit. Oh, and please wipe your feet.
Amy R. Singer

La bonne tricoteuse
[in which our intrepid Agony Aunt introduces herself and offers her help with your knitting challenges.]
Bonne Marie Burns

Tools for the DiY knitter
[in which a self-proclaimed spiritual granddaughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann helps us take control of our needles.]
Jessica Fenlon Thomas


A day in the life of a knitting fanatic
[in which a prolific expert needlewoman tells us how she fits knitting into her every waking moment.]
Wendy D. Johnson

My excellent aran adventure
[in which the author goes through years of grief so you don't have to.]
Brenda Janish

Dyed in the wool
[in which the secrets of that famous drink powder are revealed in luscious, fruity color.]
Kristi Porter

Knitty goes to camp
[in which our author goes on a weekend knitting retreat in the country and tells us if it's really worth the bucks.]
Kathy Wortel