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Cool stuff!
[in which the spring book releases are discussed at length, with great glee, and we dish up some extra-cool gear]
Kay Gardiner, Jillian Moreno, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee & Amy R Singer

Techniques with Theresa
[in which sleeves and body are joined in blissful union]

Thinking beyond the pattern
[in which Jenna tells you how to get as far along as you need to]

Watch this space
[will return next issue]

Knit like a man
[in which we -- finally! -- learn what men really want]
David Demchuk

[in which we welcome Kristi Porter back as a regular columnist with very irregular ideas]

Little Knits

History 101
[in which decaying relics show us from whence we came]
Julie Theaker

Silk is the Bomb[yx]
[in which little squeeny worms spit out the favorite fiber of our editor, and how, too]
Michael Cook

Confessions of a reluctant knitter
[in which a bunch of llamas help our author over the fibery edge]
Shannah Clarke

Taken to the cleaners
[in which someone cleans up messes for a living tells us how best to care for our soiled knits]
Tami J. Parks

Seduced by beads
[in which avowed bead-freak Sivia shares her secrets for beading without tsuris]
Sivia Harding

Repairs 101
[in which we are shown how to fix the stuff that went wrong after the knitting's done]
Kate Atherley

Judy's magic cast-on for toe-up socks
[in which we finally learn a stable-yet-invisible cast on that really works!]
Judy Becker

Knittyspin, the column
[in which the plunge is taken and our newbie spinner buys her first wheel]
Amy R Singer

Got spin?
[in which the differences in spindles are spun out for your information]
Rebecca Hermen

Dishwasher dyeing for lazy color addicts
[in which a little steam and heat can do more than just get the coffee sludge out of your cup]
Shannon Okey

Madge, a Knittyspin pattern
Jillian Moreno