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Cool stuff!
[in which the editor reads a lot, knits some and checks the calendar every day]

Techniques with Theresa
[in which Theresa shows us just where to stick those loose ends]

Thinking beyond the pattern
[in which you'll need a coffee and a little nosh to get through this essential primer on sleeves...and it's just part one in a series, but OH, the things you'll learn!]

The Travelling Knitter
[in which a knitter, forced to travel regularly for her day job, turns it into a really cool information source for the rest of us]

Watch this space
[in which we welcome our newest columnist, who will show us knitted things we never imagined could exist]


Knitting Patterns 103
[in which we learn all about short-row shoulder pattern adaptation]

Color Theory for knitters
[in which hue, value and saturation are finally explained in black and white]

Pass it on!
[in which fall gets a cleaning of its own, and it's kinda liberating, actually]

Knitting for maniacs
[in which the maniacs are the knitters, not the recipients]

A masters in knitting...sort of
[in which it's possible to combine intense study with everything knitting...for credit!]

Sneeze one; itch, too
[in which those of us with pets learn how to gift without passing on the dander]

How knitting for charity changed my [knitting] life
[in which we learn that you can prime the pump by pumping out knitted gifts]

The secrets of knitting camp
[in which we learn all about the truly magical retreat in the northern midwest that you can go to...if you know the secrets]