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The Knittery

Denny, spinner extraordinare, spun up a 93 gm mini-bump of Shetland roving from Woolly Acres Farm for this project.

Denny says: "It's an S-twist single spun on my Majacraft Little Gem using a ratio of 6 to 1, with my new jumbo flyer.

I used a short backward draw and didn't need to predraft the lovely pin-drafted mini-bump. There was little to no vegetable matter in it, and it spun up like a dream in one sitting on a warm spring evening."

Inspired by traditional shawls, the shape represents a minor step forward in scarf technology from the standard rectangle. It is more easily wrapped around the ears or head on the most miserable of days, and forms a more casual light wrap when the chill is not so extreme. The extra width allows you to fold it over to form a collar, and the bias effect creates excellent drape. Simple garter stitch recalls the fluffiness of the sheep, pre-shearing.

model: Kate Atherley photos: Norman Wilner


Width: approx. 8 inches
Length: approx. 48 inches

Approx. 246yd/225m of chunky weight handspun Shetland single, 10 wraps per inch

1 16-inch or 24-inch US #10/6mm circular needle
1 spare circular needle, US #10/6mm or smaller

Approx. 14 sts/34 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch
Gauge is not crucial for this project.

[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here]

This wrap is worked entirely in garter stitch. It is cast on at the tip of the lower point, and increased rapidly to form a shallow triangle. The work is then divided and two "wings" are worked, with stitches decreased along the inner edges of each wing until only a single stitch remains.


Lower Point
CO 3 sts.
Row 1
: Kfb, k1, kfb. 5 sts.

Row 2: Kfb, k to last st, kfb. 2 sts increased.

Repeat Row 2, 73 times more. 153 sts.

Next Row: Kfb, k74, k2tog, k to last st, kfb. 154 sts.

Next Row: K75, k2tog; place rem 77 sts on hold on spare needle. 76 sts on working needle.

First Wing
Row 1: BO 1 st, k to end.

Row 2: K to last 2 sts, k2tog.

Repeat these 2 rows 36 times more, then work Row 1 once more. 1 st rem.

Break yarn, draw through rem st and pull tight.

Second Wing
Replace held sts on working needle and rejoin yarn at center of work (dividing point between wings).

Work as for First Wing.


Weave in ends.


Kate knits, writes, designs and teaches in Toronto. Read her blog at