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by Amy Swenson

As comfortable as an old sweatshirt, but with twice the style, Janda features a sporty hood and striping details in a contrasting raglan pattern. Knit for spring in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, Janda can easily be adapted for colder climates by substituting any aran weight wool. Mission Falls makes an excellent 1824 Wool that knits at the same gauge.

Circular needles are recommended to make the project more portable and easier to handle. You can substitute straight needles with no problem for the body and the sleeves, but you may wish to have one #7/4.5mm circular on hand for picking up the stitches on the hood.


model: Amy Swenson photo: Angela Taylor


S [M, L]


Chest: 39[42, 46] inches
Length: 21[21, 22] inches



MC: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton [100% Cotton; 84 yd/77 m per 50g skein] ;
color: Phlox 405; 7[7, 8] skeins
CC1: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton [100% Cotton; 84 yd/77 m per 50g skein] ;
color: Aubergine 407; 7[8, 9] skeins
CC2: Mission Falls 1824 Cotton [100% Cotton; 84 yd/77 m per 50g skein] ; color: Frost 101; 1 skein
NOTE: Very little of CC2 is needed, so you may want to substitute scrap yarn in a coordinating weight and color.

1 US #6/4.0mm circular needle - any length
1 US #7/4.5mm circular needle - any length
Stitch holders
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle
US G#6/4.0 mm crochet hook


18sts/24 rows = 4 inches/10cm in stockinette stitch


CO 85[95, 105] sts with MC and #6/4.0mm needles.
Work in k3 p2 rib for 2 inches, ending with a WS row.
Change to #7/4.5mm needles and work in St st until piece measures 12.5[12.5, 13] inches from cast-on edge, ending with a WS row.
Work raglan shaping as follows:

Raglan shaping
BO 4[5, 7] sts at beg of next 2 rows.

Single decrease row
K1, ssk, work to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1

Double decrease row
K1, ssk, ssk, work to last 5 sts, k2tog, k2tog, k1
Work Single Decrease Row every RS row 23[17, 17] times.
Beg with next RS row, work the following row pattern 0[3, 4] times:
Row 1: Double decrease row
Row 2: p 1 row even
Row 3: Single decrease row
Row 4: p 1 row even
Work Double decrease row once more, then p 1 row even.
Place remaining 27[29, 29] sts on holder and set aside.

Work same as back until 37[41, 41] sts are left on the needles.
On next WS row, join second ball of yarn and BO center 11[13, 13] sts.
Continuing raglan shaping, working both sides at once, dec 1 st each side of neck edge every RS row 4 times.
Place rem 8 sts on holder and set aside.

Rib Pattern: [worked over 8 sts]
RS row: p3, k2, p3
WS row: k3, p2, k3

CO 45[50,50] sts with CC1 and #6/4.0mm needles.
Work in 3x2 rib for 2 inches, ending with a WS row.
Change to #7/4.5mm needles.
On next row, K1, inc 1[0, 0] st, work 17[20, 20] sts, place marker, work rib patt, place marker, and work rem 19[21, 21] sts.
Work in this established pattern until piece measures 5 inches.

Increase Row: [RS row]
K2, m1, work until marker, work rib pattern stitches as usual.
Work until 2 sts remain.
M1, K2.
Work increase row every 6[6, 4] rows 9[11, 16] times. You should have 64[72, 82] sts. Work even until sleeve measures 18[19, 19.5] inches.
Work raglan shaping as for back.
Place rem 6 sts on a holder and set aside.


After blocking pieces to size, put all live sts on needles as follows: 4 right front, 6 sleeve, 27[29, 29] back, 6 sleeve, 4 left front. You should have 47[49, 49] sts.

With #7/4.5mm needles, and beg at center front, pick up and knit 15 sts along neck shaping, k 47[49, 49] live sts, pick up and knit 15 remaining sts. There are 77[79, 79] sts on the needle.
P1 row even.
On next RS row, inc 23[21, 21] sts evenly spaced. [100 sts].
Work in St st until hood measures 13 inches.
On next RS row, k30 sts, dec 10 sts evenly over next 40 sts, k30 sts. [90 sts]
Work 3 rows even.
On next row, k 25 sts, dec 10 sts evenly over next 40 sts, k25 sts. [80 sts].
Work 1 row even.
Graft remaining sts together using the Kitchener stitch, or BO all rem sts.
Sew sleeves in place. Sew sleeve seams. Sew side seams. If necessary, sew hood seam.
With CC2 and crochet hook, slip stitch* stripe up center of each rev St st panels on each sleeve. Each sleeve will have two white stripes.

*Instructions for making a slip stitch with crochet.
1. Starting at lower edge of sleeve, insert crochet hook under horizontal bar of center reverse st st.
2. Wrap CC2 around hook once.
Pull wrapped yarn under loop of MC and loop of CC2. [If this is your first stitch, you will not have a loop of CC2.]
4. You’ll end up with one loop of CC2 on your hook. Repeat from the top until reaching the top of the sleeve. Pull CC2 through remaining loop, cut, and sew in ends.

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Amy Swenson lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her partner Jenn, their yorkie, Basil, and their cats, Cleo and Maddy.

Her overwhelming addiction to yarn is mostly paid for by her work as a website developer.

She documents her quest for dropped stitches, cheap airfares and Canadian permanent residency at Indigirl.

Pattern & images © 2003 Amy Swenson. Contact Amy.