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Since this suit is made out of 100% cotton, it's clearly ill-suited for the water.

But statistics suggest that something like three-quarters of all bathing suits purchased never get wet anyway -- except in the laundry. So there.

Wearing this, you'll look great poolside, or out on the town if you pair it with a summer skirt.








S[M, L, XL]

Chest: 13" [unstretched]
Length: 29" [unstretched]
Note: Since swimsuit is extremely fitted, these measurements are smaller than body measurements.

model: Robyn Hamilton photo: Ed Easterbrook



[MC] Butterfly Super 10 [100% mercerized cotton; 250 yds/230m per 125g skein]; color: Black; 2 skeins
[CC] Tivoli "Celebration" DK [95% acrylic, 5 % lurex; 100g skein]; color: 902: Silver.

Length of waste yarn
1 set US #6/4mm straight needles or 24-inch circular needle
3 stitch markers
1 stitch holder
Bra clasp [e.g. Tailorform Swimsuit and Bra Hooks #374] from fabric store
1 US size G/4mm crochet hook



22 sts/32 rows = 4" in Stockinette stitch


Using a provisional cast on with crochet hook and waste yarn, CO 23 sts.

Work in St st for 4 inches, slipping first stitch of each row for a neat edge.

Front Increases

On each row, K2 or P2, inc1, work to end of row.
Repeat this row 58 times. You should now have 81 stitches.
Place stitches on holder.

Back Increases

Remove waste yarn from cast-on edge and pick up the 23 stitches.
Mark center stitch.
Work in St st, increasing 4 times in every knit row as follows: K2, inc 1, k to just before marker, inc 1, slip marker, inc 1, k to 2 sts from edge, inc 1, k2.
Repeat increase row every knit row 10 more times. 67 sts.
Continue increasing by working each row as follows: K [or P]2 sts, inc 1, work to end of row.
Work this row 19 times. 105 sts on needle.

Join front and back

At the end of the last back knit row, CO 4 sts, placing a marker between the 2nd and 3rd sts.
Then, with a circular needle, pick up and knit the 82 stitches from the holder [the front stitches].
CO 4 more sts after the front stitches [again placing a marker between the 2nd and 3rd sts].
All 195 sts should now be on the circular needle. Being careful not to twist, join up and knit one row.
Next row, Dec before and after each marker [one at each side and one at back]. Knit 2 rows plain. Repeat these 3 rows 4 times -- 171 sts.
When piece measures 2.5 inches from top of leg opening, beginning at center back marker, BO 18 sts, then complete row.
Turn work, BO 18 sts and purl to end of row.
BO 5 sts at each end of the next 2 rows.
BO 2 sts at each end of the next 12 rows.
BO 1 st at each end of the next 2 rows.

V-neck shaping

At the same time as you work the side decreases, when you have 90 stitches, M1 with CC [intarsia style] after 45th stitch. Knit in MC for the rest of the row. [Strand the black behind the silver sections throughout, because it makes the silver pop out more; further, it prevents holes between the colors.]
Next row: M1 in CC beside the 1st CC st.
Work two rows as set.
Next row: Inc 2 sts in CC between the 2 CC sts.
Next row: Purl.
Next row: on the CC sts, make a 2x2 right cross.
Next row: Purl.
Next row, Inc 2 CC sts inside the four existing silver stitches.
Next row: Purl.
Work 4 rows as set.
Next row, make 3X3 right cross.
Next row: Purl.
Work 4 rows as set.
Next row, do a 3X3 right cross.
Next row: Purl.
Next row, M 2 MC sts in center of 6 CC sts.
Next row, work back as set.
Next row, K across, M2 in between the 2 new MC sts.

Divide for V-neck

Next row: K to center of the 4 MC sts, turn work. Leave other sts on holder.

Right side of V-neck

Work as set, decreasing 1 st every knit row to the outside of the V-neck, slipping the first stitch of every row for a neat edge.
When you have 7 stitches left, end CC. Work 1 inch in MC. BO all.

Left side of V-neck

Work as other side, reversing shaping.


Sew on first piece of bra clasp.
When you sew on the second half of the bra clasp, ensure that it is oriented correctly.
Weave in loose ends neatly.
Starting at the top of the decreases on the back, single crochet along the back edge around to the other side.
Wear without shame.


Robyn Hamilton is a technical writer by day, and a karate-kicking, swimming, kite-boarding knitter by night.

She lives in Toronto, and means to set up a blog soon. Really.