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The Online Audio Knitting Revolution

An exciting revolution is taking place in the world of knitting. Knitters from all over the world are listening to online audio programs called podcasts. Podcasts are online subscription based audio programs that can be played on a computer or portable MP3 device. Knitting podcasts combine an age old, time-honored craft with modern technology.

What Are Knitting Podcasts?

Knitting podcasts are an enjoyable way to get your knitting fix when you cant actually knit such as during a daily commute or work out. They are also a way for lone knitters around the world to create a connection with other knitters about a craft dear to their hearts. Knitting podcasts, unlike knitting blogs (online web logs), can be played almost anywhere and dont require you to be tethered to a computer. In fact, the best way to get the most out of the popular podcast, Secret Knitting by Daniela Johannsenova, is to knit the pattern being described on each episode. Past episodes have included socks, a scarf, and a knitted flower.

The World of Knitting Podcasts

Knitting podcasts vary in style and content. Some include interviews with designers like the first knitting podcast by Marie Irshad called KnitCast, whereas others offer a humorous look at knitting along with Podsafe music (music that artists make available to be played for free) like Brenda Daynes Cast-On. Some give a more personal look into the knitters thoughts and feelings on knitting like Whit Larsons About Time. These are similar to audio blogs or web logs. Another, Musings of a Peaceful Knitter by Lisa Akers, focuses on the meditative side of knitting. And FiberCast by Caroline Morse includes knitting as well as other fiber-related topics like spinning, quilting, and cross-stitch. My own podcast, Knitting News Cast, has reviews of knitting websites, blogs, books, as well as yarn and knitting accessories.

Other Knitting and Knitting Related Podcasts are:

-     Pointy Sticks by Christine Selleck Tremoulet

-     Mosh Knit by Brooklynne Michelle

-     Time2Knit by Donny Thulson

-     AussieKnit by Kate Davies in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

-     CrochetCast by Jeanie Gist, although not a knitting podcast, focuses on crochet and includes some knitting content.

Why Knitting Podcast Have Taken Off

Knitting podcasts really took off in late 2005 and early 2006. This can be attributed to several factors. First, a computer technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) was updated to include references to files like audio files or image files in 2004. This technology allows people to subscribe to podcasts that can then be downloaded automatically as soon as they become available. Also, Apple incorporated the use of this technology in their iTunes software in mid-2005, which allowed users of their iPod MP3 players to easily subscribe and listen to podcasts. The iPod has become increasingly popular and in late 2005 the iPod with video was released becoming a popular gift during the holiday season. As more and more people started listening to podcasts and discovering some of the earlier podcasts, more knitters started recording their own shows. Thus a knitting podcast revolution was born.

Listening To Podcasts

Listening to knitting podcasts is easy. All you need is a computer with media player software like Windows Media Player or iTunes and an Internet connection. If you can listen to music on your computer you can listen to podcasts. Alternatively, you can download episodes to your MP3 player. If you have an iPod, all you have to do is select øPodcastsÓ from the menu in iTunes, do a search for øknittingÓ in the podcast directory, and then subscribe to the podcasts that interest you. After iTunes downloads the episodes, they can be moved to your iPod.

If you have different kind of MP3 player, you may need to download and install a podcast øcatcherÓ application. There is great free one called Juice. There is a user guide for it on the website.

Now that you know all about knitting podcasts you can have some wonderful knitting companions while you knit, commute, or whatever. And you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. No matter what your preference, there is sure to be one or more knitting podcasts that you will enjoy. So get to your computer, download a podcast, plug in you headphones, and get connected to the wonderful world of knitting podcasts!



Rhonda Bell is an avid knitter in Marble Falls, TX, who produces the Knitting News Cast, Knitting For Your Ears podcast available at