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Cool stuff!
[in which your summer reading list gets longer, and your summer goody list, too]
Jillian Moreno

Techniques with Theresa
[in which getting the yarn on the needle is half the fun]
Theresa Vinson Stenersen

Thinking beyond the pattern
[in which the dreaded necessity is explained, and you can no longer ignore it.]
Jenna Wilson

Watch this space
[in which men like to play superhero...or with big machines...and it's all art]
Kristi Porter is our guest columnist this issue.


Stash envy
[in which what's hers is his, and maybe that's okay]
Amber Twamley Crellin

Man with pointy sticks
[in which the person behind the yarn shop counter is a man, and he finds plenty of others in front of it, too]
David Coe

The island of knitting men
[in which the men knit, the women spin, and the writer wonders what it would be like to live that way]
Ann Hagman Cardinal

Knit like a man
[in which we learn many things, including the best way to pick up women]
David Demchuk

Top 10 men in knitting
[in which men whose names didn't know you knew are revealed to you as real people]
Ann Richards

It's cool
[in which an M16-toting Marine knits, and what are you going to do about it?]

Report from the urban front
[in which our intrepid correspondent dives into the design process and tells us how he's finding the water]