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Knitty's favorite things
[in which the editor introduces this new feature and excitedly shares with you a fabulous discovery: the best learn-to-knit book in the history of the universe
Amy R Singer

La bonne tricoteuse
[in which our intrepid Agony Aunt offers her help with your knitting challenges]
Bonne Marie Burns

Tools for the DiY knitter
[in which the benefits and techniques of blocking your garments are explained so you actually GET IT]
Jessica Fenlon Thomas

Techniques with Theresa
[in which bad things happen to good knitters, and Theresa shows us how to fix them]
Theresa Vinson Stenersen


Felting for absolute beginners
[in which Kathy does all the legwork and shares her secrets so you can felt stress-free]
Kathy Wortel

Three toe-up sock variations
[in which the queen of socks tells you how to start at the bottom and work your way up]
Wendy D. Johnson

Out of Chaos
[in which knitting is revealed to be a tool for healing both body and spirit]
Mary Anne Mitchell

The sweater curse
[in which the legend is examined...and you may be surprised at the conclusion!]
Katherine Welsh

Fall fiber festival fun
[in which Shannon visits fuzzy creatures and eats surprisingly healthy foods]
Shannon Okey

Start 'em early!
[in which a knitting mom learns she has to share more than just her love with her little daughter]
Kerrie Rycroft