Sunday, January 30, 2005

Get this...I'm now a colorway!

I first met Axelle on the floor of Stitches East last October, and we talked about a pattern she wanted to submit to Knitty.

She did, I loved it and it was in the last issue.

What I didn't know until I saw her blog's url in her bio was that she also paints gorgeous colorways of luxury yarns. Until recently, only animal fibers like cashmere and alpaca. But recently she's added [can you guess where this is going?] silk.

She's been keeping me in the loop as she expands her range. So I got a little brazen and told her about my dream colorway...chocolate cherry. Click here and scroll down to the 2nd colorway. How cool [and gorgeous!] is that? And she says she has fine tuning to do on it...I can't imagine what the final result will look like.

What will I make with this yarn? Oh, you already know. A Clapotis, sized à la Cari.

This is way cooler than having a sandwich with your name on it, if you ask me.

And yes, she takes orders.The list of her colorways, for your convenience.