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My mom loves hosting dinner parties. She sets a beautiful table, spends weeks preparing the food and tops it all off with a fabulous dessert. In all the excitement of serving the food and sitting down at the table, she usually forgets to take off her apron.  I designed this party apron just for her. It's fun, washable and, in my mom's case, can be left on for the entire party.

To make this pattern mellow, work St st in place of patt st.

model: Elizabeth McVey photo: Jordana Paige


Length: 38 inches



[MC] Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth Yarn [100% Cotton Mercerized; 140 yd per 100g skein];
color: 9703 Hot Pink/Orange; 5 skeins
[CC] Mustachio by Friends, Inc [100% Acrylic; 175 yd per 100g skein];color: Hot Pink; 1 skein

24 inch US #8/5.00 mm circular needle
1 set US #8/5.00mm straight needles (optional if you prefer to work the straps on straight needles)
1 cable needle (optional)
1 stitch holder
1 button, 1 inch diameter



18 sts/25 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch wth MC


Slip stitch diamond
(Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary):

Row 1: * C2R, k12 *, C2R.
Row 2 and alt rows: P.
Row 3: K1, *C2L, k10, C2R. *, k1.
Row 5: *K2, C2L, k8, C2R *, k2.

Cont in this way working 2 sts less between crossed sts until the lines cross each other as first row.

Special Abbreviations:

C2R: Knit the second st on the left needle, passing in front of the first st, k the first st and let both slip off left needle.

C2L: With the right needle behind the first st k the second through the front strand, k the first st in the usual way, let both sts slip off the left needle.

For an easier - but not as fast - way, a cable needle can be used.

C2R: Slip next st onto cable needle and hold at back of work, k next st from left-hand needle, then k st from cable needle.

C2L: Slip next st onto cable needle and hold at front of work, k next st from left-hand needle, then k st from cable needle.



With CC and circular needles, CO 138 sts.
Beg with a K row, work even in St st for 9 rows.
Change to  MC work in seed st for 12 rows, dec 1 st at each end of every third row. (130 sts).
Work in Sl St Diamond patt for 14 rows working first and last 8 sts of every row in seed st.
Cont working in patt st for 85 rows, dec 1 st on inside of border at each end of every 6th row, maintaining seed st border as est. (102 sts).
Work even in seed st for 12 rows.
Cont in seed st, BO 21 sts at beg of next 2 rows.  (60 sts).

Beg with a Row 1, work 41 rows even in patt st, working first and last 8 sts of every row in seed st.

Neck Ties
Note:  neck ties are worked in Seed St.

Work 8 sts, place these sts on holder, BO 44 sts, work 8 sts.

Right Neck Tie

Work even in on these 8 sts until neck tie measures 8.5 inches.


Next row: Work 5 sts, CO 2 sts, work 3 sts.
Next row: Work 3 sts, 2 yo, work 3 sts.
Work even for 2 more rows.  BO.

Left Neck Tie

With RS facing, place holder sts on working needle and join yarn.
Work even in seed st on these 8 sts until tie measures 9.5 inches.

Waist Ties

Pick up 9 sts on skirt edge to correspond with schematic placement.
Work even in seed st until waist tie measures 26 inches (or desired length).
Rep for other side.



Sew on button to correspond with buttonhole. Weave in ends.


Jordana is a junior at San Jose State University.

She continues to enjoy running her business, Jordana Paige.  Jordana also recently stared a Stitch 'n Bitch in San Jose, CA, and welcomes all to join.