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Cool stuff!
[in which we find books of all sorts worth taking in our knitting bag as we finally get out of the house again!]

Techniques with Theresa
[in which our technical tutor bravely teaches herself - and then us - how to mattress stitch and finds she doesn't hate it after all]

Thinking beyond the pattern
[in which Jenna begins her in-depth series on how to knit smarter]

The Travelling Knitter
[in which a knitter, forced to travel regularly for her day job, turns it into a really cool information source for the rest of us]



Knitting Patterns 101
[in which the prodigal daughter returns and shares a little of her hard-earned wisdom]

Stitching Rivalry
[in which I can knit better than you can...or can I?]

Character, Dyed in the wool
[in which a little bit of the knitter gets worked into everything she makes]

Bunny love
[in which a different Amy extols the virtues of long-haired lagomorphs]

Dora's yarn store
[in which we learn about the achiemevement of a family's prodigal daughter]

Breaking away
[in which we are provided with weapons to fend off knitter's block]

The knitter's geek code, v1.1
[in which geek culture and knitting collide head on]