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Cool stuff!
[in which we celebrate the holiday season with so much cool stuff to give...and maybe keep a little for you]

Techniques with Theresa
[in which we learn that sometimes, it's good to get entwined in our work]

Thinking beyond the pattern
[in which Jenna crafts the most diabolical column ever seen in this magazine...but if you can get through the numbers, man, will your sleeve caps be exquisite]

Watch this space
[in which we note the oddity of the simple act of knitting]

Knit like a man
[in which the odd man out tries to find a way in]
David Demchuk



I wish someone had told me
[in which the little knitting tricks it takes years to learn are consolidated for your convenience]
Julie Theaker

The knitting
[in which the knitting helps a knitter cope with the greatest loss]
Erica Hernandez

Scarf psychology
[in which what you choose to knit says a lot about you]
Amber Cowie

With bows, curled ribbon and bells on
[in which we discuss how to literally think outside the box and wrap your presents with crafty finesse]
Tara Kimura

Knittyspin: eating my words
[in which a mouthful of silk goes down much easier with a pretty spindle...or five]
Amy R Singer

Handy plying
[in which we learn how to ply with the handiest tool of all]
Lorraine Smith

Spinning silk hankies
[in which Amy shares her new favorite thing and hopes it'll be your favorite thing, too]
Amy R Singer