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Cool stuff!
[in which there are things and more things and even more things, and all of them are cool]

[in which no sweater is ever beyond help]

Knit like a man
[in which David shares his wishlist in a most unusual fact, this column may not be suitable for children and some adults. Consider this a one-time PG/R rating.]
David Demchuk

Mindful Knitting
[in which Tara's shenpa is also her sweaterphor]

Techniques with Theresa
[in which Miss T tackles the twisty subject of cables]

Thinking Beyond the Pattern
[will return in spring]

Bacardi, hold the lime
[in which someone with an eye for putting colors together tells us all her secrets]
Barbara Gregory

Turkish delight
[in which traveling solo is seen as a good thing, especially if you knit]
Katie Howell

More dyeing with food color
[in which food coloring of all sorts is dissected and sprinkled on yarn and roving. very cool.]
Allena Jackson

Knittyspin, the column
[in which our intrepid non-wool spinning wannabe takes drastic steps to get over the hump]
Amy R Singer

Color combining 101: ramblings of a color glutton
[in which it's okay to have lots of little bits of fiber, and we learn what we can do with them]

Woe is me: patching up plying
[in which we learn how to fix what we done broke or undo what we done did]

Spin a substitute
[in which spinning for a project becomes half the fun of knitting it]

pattern: Justify
[in which your wee bits of unrelated fiber learn to live happily together in one gorgeous moebius]
Lynne Vogel