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by Bonne Marie Burns

This EASY pullover works in any yarn that knits to a 3sts/inch gauge.

Looks great in a bulky cotton, wool, mohair or ribbon!

AND has a surprise twist in the pattern finishing!

[Be sure to read the pattern through before starting.]


  photo: Bonne Marie Burns

Directions given for women's size Small (Medium, Large)
Width: 40 (44, 48)"
Length: 22 (23, 24)"
Sleeve: 17" [slight drop shoulder adjusts length for size]

4 (5, 6) skeins Lion Brand Homespun - shown in "Shaker" & "Prairie"
US#8/5mm 16" circular needle [bamboo works best with this yarn]
1 pair US#10/6mm straight needles [bamboo works best with this yarn]

Try one of these yarns that can be knit at the correct gauge of 3 stitches per inch. Be sure to make a gauge swatch from the information on the ball band for correct needle size before starting.
Alafoss Lopi
Artful Yarns Dance
Berroco HipHop | Pronto | Seta
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky
Classic Elite Fantasy Lace | Forbidden | Gatsby | LaGran
Colinette Circe | Zanziba
Bandola | Goa
Lion Yarn Chenille | Homespun | Jiffy | Wool Ease | Bulky
Patons Up Country
Rowan Cork | Polar | Rowanspun Chunky
Tahki Soho Bulky
Trendsetter Dolcino

12 sts/18 rows = 4 inches
CO 61 (67, 73) sts using #10/6mm needles.
[WS]: p7 (p10, p13), *k2, p7* 6 times, p0 (p3, p6).
[RS]: k7 (k10, k13), *p2, k7* 6 times, k0 (k3, k6).
Work in pattern until piece measures 14 inches ending with a ws row.
DEC 1 st each side every RS row 6 times. 49 (55, 61) sts remain.
Continue working in pattern until piece measures 22 (23, 24) inches ending with a WS row.
BO 5 (6, 7) sts at the beginning of the next 4 rows.
BO 4 (5, 6) sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows.
Next row: BO remaining 21 stitches.
Work as for back until armhole shaping is finished, ending with a WS row.
[RS]: Work 25 (28, 31) sts, then put on holder.
Finish row.
DEC 1 st at neck end every other row 10 (4, 1) times.
Then dec 1 st every 3rd row 0 (6, 9) times.
Work even until piece measures 8 (9, 10) inches from beginning of armhole shaping.
BO 5 (6, 7) sts at armhole edge twice.
BO 4 (5, 6) sts at armhole edge once.
Re-attach yarn at neck edge with WS facing you to finish other side.
Purl first 2 sts tog.
Finish row.
Then work decreases as for right shoulder.

CO 28, (30, 32) sts using #8/5mm needles.
Work pattern as follows:
[WS]: p4 (5, 6), *k2, p7* twice, k2, p4 (5, 6).
[RS]: k4 (5, 6), *p2, k7* twice, p2, k4 (5, 6).
Work last two rows twice more [6 pattern rows completed].
Change to #10/6mm needles and continue sleeve, working increases as follows:
Small: INC 1 st each side every 6 rows 7 times then every 7 rows 3 times. [48 sts]
Med: INC 1 st each side every 5 rows 7 times then every 6 rows 5 times. [54 sts]
Large: INC 1 st each side every 4 rows 5 times then every 5 rows 9 times. [60 sts]
Work even in established pattern until piece measures 16.5 (17, 17.5) inches.
DEC 1 st each side every RS row 6 times. 36 (42, 48) stitches remain.
BO all stitches.

While I was knitting this sweater, every time I worked a wrong side row, I was more and more pleased with the way that side looked! This sweater has many personalities!

The wrong side is reverse stockinette stitch broken up by columns of 2-stitch ribbing. Very chic! THIS could be your right side if you wish!

Then I took it one step further and made a sleeve in stockinette stitch, starting out with a little ribbing like on the other version. It was great!

SOOO depending on the yarn you use, one of these looks might enhance the texture, color, or feel of it better than the other. YOU DECIDE!

Look #1:
Block all pieces using cold block method: lay out all pieces to match diagram measurements and and saturate with cold water using a spray bottle. Let dry. It will make assembly easier and more professional looking.
OR: if you want a very natural fit, leave it un-blocked and it will look like the sample on the left:

Look #2:
Use the wrong side as the right side to get cool ridges between reverse stockinette stitch like this:

on left: Interior                          on right: Exterior

Look #3:
Forget the ribbing and just make the whole thing using stockinette stitch: knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side rows!
Use your #8 needle to cast on and work 6 rows; this will make a great rolled hem!
Or start with some rib using #8 needles for the 6 rows.


Sew all shoulder seams and side seams.

Using #8/5mm circular needle and RS facing you, attach yarn at the right shoulder seam, and pick up (23) around the back of the neck, and 28 (34, 40) around the left side of the neck, and 28 (34, 40) around the right side of the neck.
With RS facing you, join and knit 2 rows in the round.
BO all stitches.
Sew in sleeves.

VOILA! You are three times a ChicKnit lady!!!


Bonne Marie Burns, founder of the hugely popular and highly entertaining, believes in never letting her beer budget get in the way of her chic champagne tastes!

Currently, she is fascinated by flares and darts.

2002 Bonne Marie Burns for non-commercial use only.
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