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Vinter Lue
by Theresa Vinson Stenersen

This "winter cap", with its combination of Scandanavian color-stranded patterns, Icelandic wool and Peruvian style ear flaps, ought to keep out most artic blasts. Remember: Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær. [There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.]

The inspiration comes from a similar hat I glimpsed on a commercial for Discovery Europe. There was a fellow speaking Russian holding a giant teddy bear, a lady speaking what might have been Dutch while staring at a stuffed fish, and a tall blonde lady, speaking what I think was Swedish, pulling on a pointy cap with ear flaps and color patterns.

Her cap had a braid coming from the point at the top, so feel free to add one!

  photo: Theresa Vinson Stenersen
Average adult. [Try going up or down in needle sizes to fit larger or smaller heads.]

Approx. 75g. of two colors, white [CC] and a dark green [MC].
I used a double strand of unspun classic Icelandic lopi in 100% wool; try a single strand of Reynolds Alafoss Lopi Dark Loden 0484 for MC and Ecru 0051 for CC [100 m/109yd per 100 g]
1 set of US#8/5mm DPNs.
1 24"/60cm size US#8/5mm circular needle.
1 crochet hook [approx. size H]
Tapestry needle

[CC] White/dark squares in charts
[MC] Green/light squares in charts

14 sts/18 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

CO 41 sts with CC on #8/5mm needles [either use straights or circular needle knitting back and forth].
Row 1: k with CC, break off CC.
Join color MC.
Row 2: k 18, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k18.
Row 3: k 17, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k17.
Row 4: k 16, ssk, k1tbl, k2tog, k16.
Continue in this manner, working one less stitch on either side of double decrease and knitting the center stitch through the back loop until 3 sts remain.
BO stitches.
Make second ear flap the same.

Body of hat
Using #8/5mm circular needle and MC, cast on 25 sts by "knitting on" method.
Pick up and k 15 sts over 1st earflap from the right side, co 25 more stitches, then pick up and k 15 sts over 2nd earflap from the right side and place marker for beg of round.
Join, being careful that stitches are not twisted and *k1, p1* around for 2 rounds.

[See also chart 1 below.]

Rnd 3: * k2 MC, k2 CC * around.
Rnd 4: * k1 CC, k2 MC, k1 CC * around.
Rnd 5: * k2 CC, k2 MC * around.
Rnd 6: * k1 MC, k2 CC, k1 MC * around.
Rnd 7: * k2 MC, k2 CC* around.
Rnd 8 & 9: knit around with MC.

[See also chart 2 below.]

Rnd 10: k2 MC, * k5 CC, k3 MC * end k1 MC.
Rnd 11: k3 MC, * k3 CC, k5 MC * end k2 MC.
Rnd 12: k4 MC, * k1 CC, k7 MC * end k3 MC.
Rnd 13: [First decrease round: change to DPNs when there are too few stitches to comfortably fit around circular needle] k2 tog MC, * k1 MC, k3 CC, k2 MC, k2tog MC * end k2 MC. [70 sts.]
Rnd 14: k1 MC * k5 CC, k2 MC * end k1 MC.
Rnd 15: k around with MC.
Rnd 16: [Second decrease round] With MC, k2 tog, k4, * k2tog, k5 * end k1 MC. [60 sts.]

[See also chart 3 below.]

Rnd 17: k2 MC, * k3 CC, k3 MC * k1 MC.
Rnd 18: k1 MC, * k3 CC, k3 MC, * k2 MC.
Rnd 19: [Decrease rnd.] k2MC, * k3 CC, k2tog MC, k1 MC * k3CC, remove marker and end, k2tog MC.
Note: Replace marker after the last k2tog.
Rnd 20: * k3 CC, k2 MC *
Rnd 21: k around with MC.
Rnd 22: [Decrease rnd] With MC, * k2, k2tog * end k2. [38 sts.]
Rnd 23 and 24: k around with MC.
Rnd 25: [Decrease rnd] With CC, * k2, k2tog * end k2. [29 sts.]
Rnd 26 and 27: k around with CC.
Rnd 28: With MC, * k2, k2tog * end, k1.
Rnd 29: k around with MC.
Rnd 30: With MC, * k1, k2tog * end, k1.
Rnd 31: With MC, * k2 tog * end, k1.
Rnd 32: k around with MC.
Rnd 33. k around with CC.
Break yarn and draw it through remaining stitches and pull tight.

Return to the bottom edge of cap.
With CC, use a large crochet hook to pick up approx. 20 sts, from earflap to earflap.
Transfer the stitches from the crochet hook to a #8/5mm needle.
Using CC, k a garter stitch border [knit every row] for 3 rows then BO.
Repeat on the other side of cap.

Weave in ends.

Cut 8 lengths of yarn [of either color or a mixture of both] approx 24 inches [60cm] long. Holding lengths together, find center point and use crochet hook to pull a couple of inches of the center point through bottom of ear flap.
Draw ends through loop and tighten to secure.
Divide resulting 16 strands into three sections and braid.
Tie knot in end to secure.
Repeat for second earflap.

Originally from the southern United States, Theresa now makes her home in Norway, with her husband and two step-daughters.

She spends most of her time knitting woolen garments to keep herself warm. Or, alternately, blogging about it.


Pattern & images © Theresa Vinson Stenersen. Contact Theresa .