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This fluffy faux fur stole will add an elegant and luxurious touch to any woman's wardrobe.

It knits up very quickly on large needles and any novelty fur yarn will work.

The bold colors are offset nicely by the feminine flourish of satin ribbon ties. Pair it with a fancy dress for a nostalgic, 40s feel, or simply wear it with a light sweater and your favorite jeans. Either way, you'll make a statement with this fashionable accessory.

model: Melissa Lim photo: Bart Coghill

One size
18 x 12-16 inches. Ribbons are roughly 36 inches long.


Splash by Crystal Palace [100% polyester eyelash 85 yds/100 gram ball]; color: 7184 Silver Fox; 1 skein [Note: You will need another skein if you want it longer]

1 pair US #17/12 mm straight needles
Tapestry needle
1/2 yard of 45-inch wide satin ribbon
Co-ordinating thread



10 sts/10 rows = 4" in Stockinette Stitch



CO 10 sts.

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: K2, inc in next st., k to last 3 sts, inc in next st, k2.

Rep rows 1 and 2 until you have 36 sts. Cont working in garter st for approx 18 inches or desired length, ending with a WS row.

Beg on RS, beg dec as foll:

K2, k2tog, k to last 4 sts, k2tog tbl, k2.

Cont dec on foll alt row until you have 10 sts left. BO these 10 sts and weave in any ends.



Cut four ribbons, approx 45 inches long (the width of the fabric), and six inches wide. Cut one end of the ribbons with a slanted edge.

Sew the two long sides and the slanted edge of the ribbon closed, using a 5/8 inch seam, and leave the top straight edge open. Trim seams and cut the corners of the slanted ends. Turn inside out and press. Fold in the open ends of the ribbons to the inside about one inch and press.

Take the ends of the knitted fabric (about one inch) and pin inside the open ends of the ribbons. Make sure the ribbons are symmetrically positioned. Sew ribbon and yarn fabric together in a rectangular pattern to secure ends.



Melissa Lim lives in Portland, Oregon, the biggest little city in the Pacific Northwest.

She documents her crafty endeavors on her knitting weblog, Action Hero.

Most of her time recently has been taken up by working on the house she's just purchased.