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Jackets are great, but sometimes a girl needs a nice stripey pullover!

Rosedale United is the sewed-up version of Rosedale, featuring easy ribbing, simple shaping, and a casual rolled collar.

Perfect for outside fun when the weather gets cooler.

Just like Rosedale, Rosedale United is knit in the round. Clever front seaming makes the broken intarsia rectangle possible without pesky side seams.

If corrugated ribbing is your thing, substitute it for the plain rib shown here. You can find instructions on the Rosedale pattern page.

model: Amy Swenson photo: Jenn Millar

S [M, L, XL]

Chest: 38 [42, 46, 50] inches
Length: 22.5[23, 24, 25, 25] inches



[MC] Noro Kureyon [100% Wool; 115 yd per 50g skein]; color: 57; 9[11, 13, 15] skeins

1 US #8/5.0mm circular needle - 80cm
1 set US #8/5.0mm dpns or US #8/5.0mm circular needle - 40cm
Tapestry needle



18 sts/24 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch



With dpns or 16-inch circular needle, CO 40[40, 45, 50] sts.
Place marker to note beginning of round and join.
Work in k3 p2 rib for 3 inches.
Work 6 rounds in St st.

On next round, inc 2 st as follows: k3, m1, k34[34, 39, 44] m1, k3.
Work inc round in this way every 6 rows a total of 10[12, 13, 13] times.
60 [64, 71, 76] sts.

Work even until sleeve is 19 [19,20,20] inches from beginning.
Place all sts on holder and set aside.


With 5mm circular, CO 170[190,210,230]sts.
Place marker to note beginning of round and join.
Work in k3 p2 rib for 3 inches.

On next round, work St st as follows: k2, m1[m1, k2tog, k2tog], k83 [93, 101, 111], pm, k2, m1[m1, k2tog, k2tog], k83[93, 101, 111]. 172[192, 208, 228] sts.
Continue to work in St st for 8 more rounds.

On following round, dec 1 st each side of seam markers as follows: k to 5sts before marker, k2tog, k3, sm, k3, ssk. After passing second marker in this way, k 11 sts, join second ball of yarn [CC] and knit next 20[22, 24, 26] sts with CC. CO 1 st using backward loop method and turn work. P 21 [23, 25, 27] sts with CC to establish intarsia rectangle. Switch back to MC and p across all stitches.

Work in pattern as established, working decrease row every 4 rows 4[4, 3, 3] times and every 6 rows 0[0, 2, 2] times.
157[177, 189, 209] sts remain.

Work even until length measures 9[9, 10, 10] inches from beginning.
On next RS row, inc 1 st each side of seam markers as follows: k to 3 sts before marker, m1, k3, sm, k3, m1. Work increase row every 4[4, 5, 5] rows a total of 4[4, 5, 5] times -- 173 [193, 209, 229] sts.

At same time, when length is 10[10, 11, 11] inches from beginning, on next RS row, break intarsia rectangle as follows: K to last 21[23, 25, 27] sts.
Continue with MC, k 20[22, 24, 26], k2tog to join.
Working in the round, knit 6 rounds entirely with MC.
On next round, k to 20[22, 24, 26] sts previously established as intarsia block.
Pick up CC and knit 20[22, 24, 26] sts with CC, using the backward loop method to CO one stitch. Turn and work side to side as established.

Work even until length is 14[14, 15, 15] inches from beginning, ending with a WS row.


Join body to sleeves as follows: On body, with RS facing, knit to 4[4, 5, 5] stitches before side marker. Place marker. Place next 8[8, 10, 10] sts on holder for underarm. Pick up sleeve and place 4[4, 5, 5] sts each side of center marker on holder for underarm. K 52[56, 61, 66] sts from sleeve. Place marker. Repeat for other side, working intarsia rectangle as established.

261[289, 311, 341] live sts, 4 seam markers.

On next RS row, begin raglan decreases as follows: k 2 sts before seam marker, k2tog, sm, SKP. At same time, join a third ball of yarn 3 sts before center of back. K3 sts, remove marker, K3 more sts. As the pattern continues, work this intarsia rectangle as for the front, breaking both rectangles as before, after 15[15, 16, 16] inches from beginning. Float the yarn behind this rectangle and continue in the round; do not turn as with the front intarsia block.

Work raglan decreases on every RS row as established a total of 20[22, 22, 24] times.

101 [113, 135, 149] sts remain.

On next row [WS], work raglan decreases as follows: p until 2 sts before seam marker, p2tog tbl, sm, p2tog. 93[105, 127, 141] sts remain.

Work decrease row every row on next 0[0, 2, 2] rows.
93[105, 111, 125] sts remain.

On next two rows, BO 10[12, 12, 14] sts at the beginning of the row while continuing to work raglan decreases every row as established.
57[65, 71, 81] sts remain.
Drop yarn for both intarsia rectangles and work with MC only.

On next RS row, dec 1st each side of neck edge while working raglan decrease rows as established.
47[55, 61, 71] sts remain.

On next 2[3, 3, 4] rows, work raglan decrease rows as established.
31[31, 37, 39] sts.

Put all sts on holder and set aside, removing markers.
You should have 31[31, 37, 39] sts on your holder.


Rolled Collar

With RS facing, k 31[31, 37, 39] sts from holder, pick up and knit 24[26, 30, 30] sts along bound off edges. 55[57, 67, 69] sts.

Join and work 6 rounds in St st. BO all sts knitwise.


Use mattress stitch to sew the broken front seams, being sure to line up the stitches to avoid puckering.

Amy Swenson lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her partner Jenn, their yorkie, Basil, and their cats, Cleo and Maddy.

Her overwhelming addiction to yarn is mostly paid for by her work as a website developer and functional analyst.

She documents her quest for dropped stitches, cheap airfares and Canadian permanent residency at Indigirl.

More information on her knitwear designs can be found at IndiKnits.