Knitty: little purls of wisdom
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The Knitty Level of Difficulty Index

Suitable for beginners.
Relaxing, not mentally taxing.
Knitting as therapy.

Tired of rectangles? Ready for something more challenging? Try these.
Fun things with zing. A twist, even.

A little something for the seasoned knitter.
Daring but not exhausting.

Suitable for those with a lot of experience. Or patience. Or both.
These babies have teeth.
Hoo boy.

The Knitty Standard Book of British Birds

  alt alternate
  approx approximately
  beg begin[ning]
  BO bind off [cast off]
  cab cable
  CC contrasting color
  cn cable needle
  CO cast on
  cont continue[ing]
  dec decrease[ing]
  dpn double pointed needles[s]
  foll follow[s][ing]
  g grams
  inc increase[ing]
  incl including
  inst instructions
  k knit
  k tbl knit through back of loop
  k2tog knit two together
  m meter[s]
  MC main color
  m1 make one
  mm millimeters
  mult multiple
  opp opposite
  oz ounces
  p purl
  p2tog purl two together
  patt[s] pattern[s]
  psso pass slipped stitch[es] over
  rem remaining
  rep repeat
  rev St st reverse stockinette stitch
  RS right side[s]
  rnd[s] round[s]
  sc single crochet
  SSK slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together
  SSP slip 2 stitches as if to purl, then purl those 2 stitches together
  sl slip
  slp slip one as if to purl
  sl st slip stitch
  st[s] stitch[es]
  St st stockinette stitch
  tbl through back of loop[s]
  tog together
  WS wrong side[s]
  YO yarn over
  * * repeat directions between ** as many times as indicated