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Always wanted a pair of edible panties?  Been too embarrassed to buy them, or had no time for an extra shopping trip?  Found the prices in those fancy boutiques were just too high?  The clever knitter can make her own pair in a jiffy for very low dough!  The supplies can be picked up on a regular Friday errand route -- chopsticks with the Chinese takeout, candy at the video store -- and no one will be the wiser!  Enjoy your meal, then cast on at the beginning of the movie, and the panties will be ready for dessert after the credits!

Like all fine lingerie, these panties are very delicate. Knit gently. If you need your L-string to last longer than a few hours before use, you will need to keep the panties moist.  This can be accomplished by wrapping the panties in plastic, or for extended storage needs, spraying with a vegetable oil spray and then wrapping.

photos: Dawn Payne

Adjustable to fit most any consenting adult!

Main triangle: 1.5 inches wide at base x 5 inches wide at top x 8 inches long



Snack-Stop Red Laces [0 g fiber, but lots of corn syrup and even some carnauba wax; 8 yards per 2.25 oz/64 g package]; color: FD&C Red #40; 2 packages

1 set chopsticks [Mine sized to about a US#10.5/6.5 mm]




7 sts = 5 inches and 7 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch


Using backwards loop method, CO 3 sts.
Beg with a RS row, work in St st for 4 rows.
CO 1 st at beg of next two rows. [5 sts]
Work even for 3 rows.
CO 1 st at beg of next 2 rows. [7 sts]
Work even for 3 rows.  Do not BO.


For back string, cut [or tie, as necessary] a strand to double the needed length to give your desired rise measurement. 
Thread strand through center st at CO edge of panties and knot ends.  This gives you a double strand for the back string portion. 
Cut [or tie] double strand to desired waist measurement plus 6-8 inches.  Slip sts onto double strand, and then thread double strand under knot in back string.
Tie to desired waist measurement.


Dawn Payne has acted in several adult entertainment features with favorite co-star Charles Hendrie. 

Just like the famous actresses at the Hollywood studios, Dawn and her colleagues are always knitting on the set to pass the time between scenes.  Dawn is a big fan of Knitty and just loves the work of frequent contributor Natalie Wilson of iKnitiative.