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French Tickler^
Ribbed for his pleasure^

Hers [French tickler]
No more fumbling in the dark (or rummaging through a dark purse) for a condom when you need one!

This textured cozy sports an eyelash "tickler" that helps conceal its contents, and lets you know instantly what you've put your hand on.

Have fun, use up some stash, and invent your own design with any sock yarn and eyelash you choose.


His [Ribbed for his pleasure]
For instant knitting gratification – faster than a sock!

The K2, P1 ribbing allows enough stretch to accommodate multiple condom packs (for the optimistic) but holds a single pack securely. The button closure keeps contents hidden.

Shown in manly red-and-black colorway. 



photos: Ryan Matthews [top] Don Schlenger [bottom]

Holds 1-3 standard condom packages

Width:  2.5 inches
Length:  3.25 inches



[MC] Koigu Premium Merino Solids, [100% merino wool, 176 yards per 50g hank] Color #2343; 1 skein
[CC]Trendsetter Crisantemo [85% polyester, 25% viscose. 55 yards per 50g ball]
Color #5 (celery); 1 skein

1 set US #3 straight needles

Regia Norweger Ringel, [25% polyamide, 75% New Wool 210m per 50g skein];
Color: 5152 schwarz-rot (black-red), 1 skein

1 set US #3 straight needles
1 button, approx. 0.5 inch in diameter



32 sts/36 rows  = 4" in rib stitch pattern


Rib stitch
Row 1: K2, p1.
Row 2: K1, p2.


With MC, CO 42 sts.
Work in rib st patt until piece measures 3 inches from beg.
Holding one strand of MC and CC tog, work in garter st for 2 rows.
Break CC and, with MC only, BO.

CO 42 stitches and work in rib st patt until piece measures 2.75 inches from beg.
Work 9 sts in pattern, CO 3 sts, work rem 30 stitches in patt.
Next row:  Work 30 sts in patt, CO 3 stitches, work rem 9 sts in patt.
Work 4 more rows in patt.


With CO edge at bottom, fold piece in half sideways.
Sew the bottom and the open side.

With CO edge at bottom, fold piece in half sideways.
Sew bottom and the open side.
Attach button to inside of back panel to correspond with buttonhole.


Amy Sunshine is a writer and knitwear designer from New Jersey whose mother is so proud of her published designs that she's selling condom cozies to her friends in Del Boca Vista.