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Read exactly what FREE PATTERNS really means...respect our designers and authors rights [and thank you]


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Title Editor
Yarn Tangle
spacer photo: Lise Beauchesne
Come on, baby --
show me the crocuses!

I love winter and snow.

I can't wait for spring to come.

Both of these statements are true. As much as I'm going to hate shedding my handknit layers, I'm going to love it.

Yes, my husband finds that I am a human contradiction, too.

But I think you know what I mean. The sacrifice of the winter knitwear to the cupboard until fall is a little melancholy, but then you see the blue sky, feel the sun on your skin and a warm breeze and everything is okay.

If you look closely at my problem, it seems it's all about one thing: I have almost no transitional knitwear. No lightweight handknit cardigans. No [okay, one] handknit vests for layering. Hmm. Maybe I should get browsing in that magazine of mine and see what needs to be on my needles next!

No matter what the state of your closet, we've got a little something in almost every category, and all of it is designed to help you get from the cold to the warm without having to forego the handknits.

Problem solved.

Pink Needle

We've done some load testing and experimentation since our winter issue went live [the first on our brand-new server] and once again, extremities remain crossed for this launch. If you were unable to get to us the moment we went live this time, know that we'll continue to tweak our server until it behaves the way we want it to.

Pink Needle

People have been writing me for quite a while, asking if they could send a financial contribution directly to Knitty as well, so I've put a Tip Jar on the counter. Does it feel strange to do this? Um, yeah. But I also know what it's like to be on the other side -- wanting to show your appreciation for something you love in a tangible way. If you'd like to support Knitty with a donation, here's what to do:

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Because Knitty is not a charitable organization, your donation is not tax deductible. Our donors names and e-mail addresses are kept strictly confidential, but the Knitty editorial staff will know you've donated and we all thank you for your support!

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Amy Sig
Amy R Singer
[editor, Knitty]


This issue, we're pleased to add contests in the array of things
you can find in the world of Knitty.

There'll be a new contest every issue...sometimes two!

Win the yarn for one of the projects in this issue of Knitty!

For Spring 2009, The Schaefer Yarn Company has kindly agreed to give one lucky knitter enough yarn to complete the beautiful Reverie beret pattern. To be eligible, simply join the Knitty reader mailing list using the form below! If you're already on the mailing list, you're automatically entered! Knitty list members can be assured their e-mail addresses are never shared, given or sold to anyone, period.

Join the knittyreader list!

One lucky list member, chosen by a random number generator, will win! Not you this time? We'll have a contest every issue, so join the list and you could be our next winner!

This issue's lucky winner is shown below. Congratulations, Effika! We'll contact you by e-mail to arrange your prize delivery!

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Lexie Barnes wants to know more about you and what you want in a needle case or project bag. Answer the short questionnaire here and you'll be entered into the prize draw. Your responses are anonymous and your e-mail address is only collected so that we may contact the prize winner at the end of the contest.

One lucky respondent, chosen by random number generator, will win a $250 gift certificate to use at Lexie Barnes' webshop!

The contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who responded and congratulations to our winner!

This issue's lucky winner is shown below. Congratulations, Rhiannon! We'll contact you by e-mail to arrange your prize!

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Pink Needle

Jilly Billy
Spacer photo: Amy R Singer


Here comes spring!

Even if you still have snow on the ground like I do, something in the air has shifted. I’m getting out of the house more, blinking like a mole at all of the people and bright shiny colors. It’s time for the new and the big spring clear out.

I started a new little spinning group in my neighborhood, once a week, for as long as it lasts. Everyone is hit by the economy in the US, one way or another, and between that and the winter, it’s easy to get down. Our group is spending what we have -- time -- and sharing what we know. We’re trading fiber, splitting fiber buys and planning spinning and knitting projects together. We help each other figure ways to manage the once in a longtime need, or trip.

I traded a wheel with someone; another couple of us have dream wheels on layaway. But mostly we’re out and we’re together, laughing over the hum of our wheels and the clicks of our needles. It’s good. It’s spring.

In response to feedback from new and newish spinners for more basic spinning information, we’ve started a new column. Spinning Glossary, in the amazing hands and brain of Lee Juvan. Lee takes a spinning term or topic and gives a brief overview, great information for newer spinners or spinners who want a reminder. Lee's first topic is Ratios.

Also Amy learns about spinning coffee filters, really.

Pink Needle

If you have an idea for a project or article for Knittyspin write me . If you have fiber, spindles, books, or other spinny products or tools that you'd like us to review, write me for submission information. I love to talk about it all.

Have you seen the Knittyspin shwag? Check out the new Knittyspin gear. Show your spinning pride and your love for Knittyspin!

Jillian Sig

Jillian Moreno
[editor, Knittyspin]

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