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Legal Stuff You Should Know

Legal Stuff You Should Know

these are the knitty wordmarks. don't steal.

Knitty® and the Knitty wordmark

are registered trademarks of Knitty magazine.
Knitty has not authorized any company or organization
to use its registered trademark in any manner.


By viewing the website, or following or interacting with any pattern or tutorial Knitty provides, you agree that you are doing so at your own risk, and you hold harmless and indemnify Knitty and its sole proprietor from any legal action.

Though we do our utmost to avoid errors, Knitty assumes no responsibility for any errors in patterns. If you find an error, please write the designer of the pattern, and, once verified by Knitty, we will post a correction in the pattern in bright pink.

Any techniques described in articles or patterns are the responsibility of the individual author/designer. Knitty assumes no responsibility for inaccuracies.


A very important word about copyright:

Every pattern on the Knitty website is the property of the designer who created it and cannot be reproduced, except for one copy for an individual's personal use. If you print patterns from Knitty and sell them without the designer's permission, you are stealing.

Here is the text from our FAQ page that explains just what "free" means, in terms of Knitty's patterns:

Q. Knitty's patterns are free? Really?
A. Yes, they're free for your personal, individual use. You may print out a copy to work with. But you may not print out multiple copies, you may not reformat the pattern for commercial use, and you may not sell them or items made FROM Knitty patterns. The copyright for each pattern and article belongs to the designer or author. Any usage beyond what's mentioned here must be negotiated with the designer or author.

If you should see evidence of a violation of copyright, please let the designer know. Their e-mail address can be found at the bottom of their pattern. We appreciate your assistance.

In order to feature any photograph or portion of a pattern or article from Knitty on your website or any other such use, you must obtain written permission from the designer or author, the copyright holder. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page on which the material appears.

Please respect the designers and authors whose work you see in this magazine. Violations of copyright are illegal and each designer has the authority to pursue violators to the full extent of the law.


All content published in Knitty is selected by our editorial staff and does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of our advertisers.


Every author and designer who submits an article or pattern to Knitty has signed a legal statement stating that the work they're submitting is their own.

Copyright for each pattern or article [and all accompanying photos and/or illustrations] is the property of the author/designer indicated on each pattern's web page. The author/designer bears any and all responsibility for pursuing any infringement of copyright. Should you have proof that copyright has been infringed, please write the editor with as much relevant information as possible.