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web knitty

Looking for everything by a specific designer or author?
Type their name in quotes [i.e. "Jillian Moreno"]

Looking for something knit in a specific yarn?
Type the full yarn name in quotes [i.e. "Rowan Summer Tweed"]

Looking for something to knit in a specific gauge?
[tip from Joeli]
Let's say you have a yarn that can be knit up between 16 and 18 sts/24 and 27 rows per 4 inches.

In the search box above, type "16..18 sts / 24..27 rows = 4 inches" and this will give you all patterns that have gauges in that range.

In other words, it's "min st range..max st range sts / min row range..max row range rows = 4 inches" (make sure you put two periods between the numbers)