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What is knitty+?

What is knitty+?

Latest update: March 20, 2024

What is knitty+?

knitty+ (or k+) is an additional feature built into the code of Knitty magazine on all patterns going back to Winter 2014, and it's only available to Patrons. Knitty Patrons are readers who support Knitty financially every issue. In exchange, depending on their level of support, they receive exclusive benefits like access to knitty+.

k+ allows you to select the size you're going to knit, and then you can hide all the other numbers in the pattern. The image above shows what a pattern looks like once you select the size you want (top) and after you hide unused sizes (bottom). Neat, eh?

Other things you will be able to do (depending on your level of Patron support):

  • select any other size number (ex: if you're knitting the body longer, you can select a different number of rows) and save those changes. Any numbers you select that are not the original numbers will be shaded with a grey background to remind you you've changed them. The original number remains highlighted with the orange box around it, unshaded. Future feature: sections that do not apply to the size of pattern you've chosen will be hidden as well. For now, they display with a (-) where the number would be.
  • like any knitty pattern, you can print the resulting page and it will show your customizations! To get a good result, please choose either of our two print buttons:
    (which prints the first pic, schematics, charts that display in the pattern, plus all pattern text) or
    (which prints the whole page, including all images).
  • save your current place in the pattern vertically. If you leave the page and come back, it will return to the place you were viewing when you last saw that page. Future feature: Some sort of highlight that you can move to a specific location to show the exact line you were working on.
  • make notes in the pattern about any changes or tweaks; these notes will display at the end of the pattern if you print it or save it to a PDF file

How do I access k+?

To access k+, you need to be a current (paid-up) Patron. All good? Awesome!

In the menu bar that runs across the screen (or when you click the three small horizontal lines under the Knitty issue banner), you'll see a drop-down section labelled knitty+. Simply click on it, and select "Login with Patreon".

  • if you are already logged in to Patreon in that same browser, you'll see a little window like the one below. Click "Allow" and it will automatically give you access to k+ on

  • If you aren't already logged in to Patreon, you'll be guided to do that first, and then you'll see the little window below.

Once you've clicked "Allow", you'll notice that the same drop-down menu now reads "Logout knitty+: your name (your Patron tier)". If you don't click that, and you have enabled cookies (see the next section for more about that), you will stay logged in and have access to k+ until you intentionally log out, OR quit the browser.

What's the most important thing I need to know for k+ to work for me?

Cookies must be enabled in your browser for k+ to work seamlessly for you. k+ stores a little bit of data (called a "cookie") that connects your Patreon account to k+. This little bit of data, which does not include any financial or other private information, tells k+ which Knitty Patron tier you belong to and, therefore, enables the appropriate k+ functionality on

If you do not enable cookies, you will need to log in with Patreon every time you click on another pattern or page in Knitty, and it will be unbelievably annoying for you. You also risk losing any of your saved selections and notes, because the cookie keeps those safe in our backed-up database for you. Please enable cookies in order to use k+.

I've enabled cookies, but I can't select a size (or something else weird is happening).

For all weirdnesses, our first suggestion is to empty your cache and delete your cookies. As mentioned k+ requires cookies to work, and as we've been testing the site for a while, little things may be askew if you don't start with a fresh slate. If you try this and there's still a problem, please fill out a bug report. Thank you!

I am logged in with Patreon on, but I do not see any k+ features.

Only Tangy+ and higher level Patrons have access to knitty+.

If you are a Mellow+ or a free follower of our Patreon, you don't have access.
To change this, simply edit your Patreon level to Tangy+ or higher, and you'll get in!

I have found an error while using k+. How do I let you know?

Please fill out a bug report here. The more complete the information you provide to us is, the better we will be able to fix the error. Thank you!

I have a suggestion, request or comment about k+. How do I let you know?

Please send an email to with the subject "knitty+ suggestion". Thank you for your input!