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Knitty FAQ

(FAQ updated March 2017)

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Q. How often is Knitty published?
A. We publish four times a year. March, June, September and December -- as close to the beginning of the month as possible. To stay in touch and always get an e-mail notice the moment the new issue is ready, join the Knittyreader list using the box above.

Q. Why can't I click on the "surprise" links
When will the surprises be up?

A. A little while after each issue is published [no, we're not telling...it's a surprise!], we add a surprise pattern or two. You'll find them, when they're ready, at the end of the pattern thumbnails on the main pattern page -- the "patterns" link in the bar above. If the SURPRISE link isn't active, it means the surprises aren't ready for you yet. To stay in touch and always get an e-mail notice when the surprises are released, join the Knittyreader list using the box above. We only send out a few messages each year.

Q. How can I print your patterns?
A. Beginning with the FALL 08 issue, If you select PRINT from your computer's menu, a printer-friendly version of the page will be printed including all pictures, charts and schematics -- that's the default setting. There are also two new buttons at the top right of each content page.

Click this button and the printer window will automatically appear, allowing you to print the full printer-friendly page. Click this button and the printer window will automatically appear, allowing you to print the printer-friendly page with just the first picture, all charts and schematics. This option is handy when you want to save paper/ink and keep the printed pattern as compact as possible.

Not sure which version you want to print? Click the appropriate button above and select PREVIEW in the printer window. It will show you what will print before you actually use up your paper and ink.

You'll notice that there is no override on page breaks when a picture is displayed on the printer-friendly pages. If a picture wants to print near the end of page, it might be split onto a new page. We plan to implement a fix for this in the future if it's possible -- and helpful* -- but there wasn't time to do it for the Fall 08 issue. *It'll make your printouts even longer, and some of you might like that -- some might hate it, so we'd want to make it optional. We'll take a closer look at this idea for winter and decide if it's worth implementing.

And remember -- please print out only ONE copy for your personal use. Thanks.

Q. I found a mistake. What do I do?
A. When you're dealing with code, sometimes things can get messed up despite all best intentions to the contrary. If you find something that doesn't work properly [a button doesn't work, or a page wants to print all images when you've selected the print main pic only option], please email me with details and I'll get it fixed asap.

Pictures being broken over two pages is not a coding error -- please read the previous question for more about this.

Q. Why do the ads print along with the patterns?
A. The ad you see above the pattern has paid for the pattern and production costs, which is why that pattern is free for your personal use. We respect and appreciate the contribution of our advertisers and encourage you to support them whenever you can. Shopping with Knitty's advertisers helps ensure that Knitty will remain free for your personal use.

Q. Where can I find errata for a specific pattern?
A. To keep things simple, errors are corrected directly in each pattern, and highlighted in bright pink so they stand out. If you find an error in a pattern, please contact the designer at the e-mail address at the bottom of their pattern. The designer will contact Knitty and let us know about it so we can fix it.

Q. Your e-mail links don't work for me.
A. All the e-mail links in Knitty are javascript encoded to fight spam. You will need to turn javascript on in your web browser for the e-mail links to work.

Q. Your website looks funny - things are covering up other things.
A. You should use the most current web browser your computer will permit.

Q. I'm looking for a specific pattern. How can I find it?
A. Two ways. One -- click the "Archive" button at the top of any page. A full listing of all patterns can be found there, sorted by category. Or search using our search box, also listed on our Archive page. Typing "felted slippers", if that's what you're looking for, will pull up a listing of the patterns we have for you.

Q. Knitty's patterns are free? Really?
A. Yes, they're free for your personal, individual use. You may print out a copy to work with. But you may not print out multiple copies, you may not reformat the pattern for commercial use, and you may not sell them or items made FROM Knitty patterns. The copyright for each pattern and article belongs to the designer or author. Any usage beyond what's mentioned here must be negotiated with the designer or author.

Q. I own a yarn shop and would love to offer Knitty patterns to my customers. What can I do?
A. Please visit this page for some great ideas that abide by copyright AND support both Knitty and our designers.

Q. Who is involved in Knitty?
A. A group of highly talented knitters, headed by our editor, Amy. She's been knitting since she was 6 years old. Thanks to the miracle of modern electronics, our contributors come from all over the world. Many have been designing gorgeous things for a while; some are brand-new designers. Knitty was established to gather their creativity and share it.

Q. I want to design a pattern or write an article for Knitty. May I?
A. Knitty's submission guidelines are here. We'd love to see what you can do!

Q. I have some suggestions for Knitty. How can I get them to you?
A. We love to hear from our readers! Information on how to reach us can be found under the can we help tab at the top of the page.

Q. I'm interested in advertising in Knitty.
A. Our rate card can be found here.

Q. I'd like to support Knitty.
A. Thanks for asking! Knitty is now 2/3 supported by our Readers! Join them and get rewards, too, at our Patreon page.

Q. Who does your website?
A. Amy Singer, our editor & publisher, developed Knitty and its look, and designs and codes every issue. Knitty's back-end code and the new responsive version of the site was developed by Philip Chatterton of Marblehead. He does good work.

Q. Where is Knitty located?

Knitty magazine
2255b Queen Street East
Box 527
Toronto, ON
M4E 1G3

Q. How can I trust your reviews? Are you getting a percentage or something?
A. Like any other magazine, products we write about in our magazine are provided to us for free by manufacturers or retailers. We do not benefit from sales of any product featured in the magazine. Amazon affiliate links provide us with a small commission for any item you might purchase. However, we don't review products that we don't like, commission or not. Items that don't perform well in our tests will not appear in Knitty.

Q. I have a question that you haven't answered here. Who can I write to?
A. Write Knitty's Reader Relations person: Sarah will do her best to find an answer for you.


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