- Winter 2023


Knitty Reviews

Knitty Reviews

Each issue, Knitty reviews items of interest to knitters, including spinning fiber and tools, yarn, accessories, kits and books. You can see a few examples of our review pages here and here. We read the books and test the products that are sent to us. For that reason, press releases sent to the Knitty e-mail address will not result in a review. We need to see and touch and test each item before we can write about it. Submission of an item does not guarantee a review in the magazine; our choice of items featured depends on a number of criteria including how well the item does what it's supposed to do, aesthetics and construction quality.

Effective immediately, please send books for review to this address:

Knitty magazine reviews, attn Jillian
3319 Alton Ct
Ann Arbor, MI


Products for review (knitting bags, tools, accessories, etc) should be sent to this NEW address:

Knitty magazine reviews
2-558 Upper Gage Ave
Box 127
Hamilton, ON
L8V 4J6

Samples will not be returned. If you are located outside of Canada, please indicate the following on the customs label or form:

  • Sample
  • No commercial value
  • Not for resale
  • $5.00 value [a value of $0 is not acceptable to Canada Customs]

This is essential in order to avoid duties and/or taxes being applied to your package in error. We thank you for your cooperation.


Knitty Yarn Roundtable TM

The Knitty Yarn Roundtable program has ended. Please do not send yarn for review as we are unable to return it. Thank you!


Knittyspin TM

To submit items for review by Knittyspin, including fiber, books, spinning tools and other items of interest to spinners, please contact Knittyspin editor, Jillian Moreno.

Knittyspin’s Fiber Fiestas have been retired.