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Feature: Wiseknit™: Practical Knitting Wisdom, a free tutorial by Kate Atherley


Wiseknit: Practical Knitting Wisdom

by Kate Atherley

One of the wonderful things about knitting is that there are so many different solutions to every problem, so many possible answers to every question. This column aims to expand your knitting knowledge and toolkit with practical solutions and answers to your technical knitting questions and conundrums.


This issue: Working in the round

If you’ve never done it before, working in the round can seem pretty challenging – these videos get you started without fuss! And even if you’ve got some experience, there are things about it that cause worry, stress and concern. Whether you’re using circular needles, DPNs, Magic Loop or Two Circulars, these videos share some terrific tips for making it easier and less fraught. Kate shares tips for an easy join, strategies for using markers and not, and HOW TO FIX A TWISTED ROUND. Yes, really!

Knitting in the Round: Basics


Starting on 2 Circulars or Magic Loop


Avoiding Ladders, Working on DPNs, Magic Loop and 2 Circulars

The yarn used in this tutorial is Skacel Collection, Hikoo Simpliworsted: 55% Merino Superwash 28% Acrylic 17% Nylon • 140 yards per 100 gram skein, kindly provided by the sponsor of this column, Skacel.


designernameKate is Knitty's lead technical editor. She's also a knitting teacher, and her focus is making knitting easy and fun. Although she enjoys a really interesting and complicated technique, and a mathematically intensive project, she knows that not everyone else does.

Find her at kateatherley.com

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