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Wolkig, a free knitting pattern from Knitty.com. Free knitting pattern for a ruched, ethereal cowl.



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I love cowls. They are easy to wear, they will not fly off in a brisk wind, and they keep you warm. The Wolkig cowl is twisted and has extra volume due to strategically worked decreases and increases, so it can be stretched a little to fit comfortably over your head when putting it on. Stretched in the other direction (lengthwise), it will fit snugly around your neck without leaving any gaps where the cold wind might sneak in. Use only one skein of a luxurious merino-silk-blend (choose a multicolor for extra fun!), and watch the fascinating spirals grow under your hands.

The best thing is this: Wolkig (named after the German word for "cloudy") has only one line of pattern. Take it out to knit night, on the bus, to the movies, everywhere – it is so easy that you will not need to take the pattern with you. Chatting to your friends or watching a fun flick will not mess this project up.

If you feel like it, you can use more yarn and work the cowl longer, so it doubles as a very cozy, cloudy tube scarf.

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Height: 21 inches/52cm
Circumference: 28 inches/72cm


spacer Manos del Uruguay Fino [30% Silk, 70% Merino Wool; 490yds/450m per 100 g skein]; color: SF415 “Silver Teaset”; 1 skein

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below - every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer US #6/4mm circular needle, length 24-inches/60cm long
spacer A needle a few sizes larger for the bind off

spacer 4 stitch markers
spacer yarn needle


22 stitches/26 rounds = 4 inches/10 cm in stockinette stitch


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

Abbreviation: p3tog = purl 3 sts together; 2 sts decreased.


Cast on 200 stitches. Join for working in the round, being careful not to twist.

Setup round: [P6, p3tog, k39, kfb, kfb, place marker] 4 times.
Body Pattern round: [P6, p3tog, k to 2 sts before marker, kfb, kfb] around.

Repeat Body Pattern until your yarn is almost used up and bind off loosely. A specialty bind off is not required – use the convention bind-off, but ensure you don’t pull too tight. Using a larger needle in your right hand to work the stitches can help.


Weave in ends. Note that blocking is not necessary: if you do wash the piece, lay it flat to dry and push the edges towards the middle to recreate the texture of the fabric.


designernameMartina Behm, creator of popular designs like “Hitchhiker” or “Match & Move” started working as a knitwear designer with her first Knitty contribution in 2010. “I try to design my knitting patterns such that not only the finished object, but also the project itself is fun and pleasant – I love easy, mindless projects with very few purl stitches, new, innovative constructions and colorful yarn! In real life, I am a mom of two and live in a small village in the very north of Germany.”

Find her here.

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