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Fugi Rib

Fugi Rib, a free knitting pattern from Knitty.com. Free knitting pattern for a cabled top-down sock with a Strong Heel.


Fugi Rib

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I am the type of knitter who always has at least one pair of socks on the needles. They are the perfect portable project and start off like a blank canvas for trying out just about any type of stitch pattern. Plus, nothing beats a pair of hand knitted socks when the temperature takes a plunge (which is quite early here in Minnesota)!

These socks use the Strong Heel, which is an incredibly clever heel created by Gerdine Crawford-Strong. There are no stitches to pick up and, when worked in ribbing, the heel hugs the foot for a perfect fit. I recommend using a solid or semisolid yarn for this pattern so that the delicate stitchwork doesn't get hidden away.

spacer photos: Sarah Lehto

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Women's S[M, L]


Leg Circumference: 6[7, 8] inches/ 15[18, 20] cm, unstretched
Leg Length: 6[7, 7] inches/ 15[18, 18] cm from cuff to start of heel

These socks are designed to fit with 1-1.25 inches/2.5-3cm of negative ease.
Choose the size that is approximately 1-1.25 inches/2.5-3cm less than actual leg circumference.
If in doubt, work the next size up.


spacer Miss Babs Katahdin Fingering[100% superwash Bluefaced Leicester Wool; 437yd/400m per 4 oz/100g skein]; color: Perfect Wave; 1 skein

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below - every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer US #1.5/2.5mm for small circumferences in the round; DPNs, 1 long or 2 shorter circulars, as you prefer

spacer 1 stitch marker
spacer yarn needle


32 sts and 48 rounds = 4 inches/ 10cm in stockinette stitch
40 sts and 48 rounds = 4 inches/ 10cm in pattern stitch


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

The pkok stitch draws in similar to a cable, making these socks less stretchy than your average ribbed sock.

pkok: sl 3rd st on left needle over the first 2 sts, and let it drop off needle, then k1, yo, y1.





Using Long Tail or other stretchy method of your choice, CO 60[70, 80] sts. Distribute sts across needles as you prefer and join for working in the round. Note or mark start of round.

Cuff Ribbing:[P1, k1tbl] to end of round.
Work Cuff Ribbing as set for 14 rounds.

Leg round: Work Leg Chart, repeating sts 9-10 as indicated, around.
Work until you have competed all 18 rounds three times, and work continue until you have completed 4 [16, 12] rnds of the next repeat.

Heel Increases
Round 1: Work Leg Chart to 2[4, 2] sts before end of round, work Strong Heel Chart for your size to last st, k1tbl. 2 sts increased.

Work as set until you have completed 24[30, 34] rounds of the Strong Heel Chart. 84[100, 114] sts.

Heel Turn
Setup:[P1, k1tbl] 6[7, 9] times, place next 33[37, 41] sts on hold for instep. The heel turn will now be worked back and forth in rows over only the 51[63, 73] previously worked sts. Turn work so that wrong side is facing.

Row 1[WS]: Sl1, p 25[31, 37] , p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 2[RS]: Sl1, k 2[2, 4] , ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 3: Sl1, p3, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 4: Sl1, k4, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 5: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 6: Sl1, k6, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 7: Sl1, p7, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 8: Sl1, k8, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 9: Sl1, p9, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 10: Sl1, k10, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 11: Sl1, p11, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 12: Sl1, k12, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 13: Sl1, p13, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 14: Sl1, k14, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 15: Sl1, p15, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 16: Sl1, k16, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 17: Sl1, p17, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 18: Sl1, k18, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 19: Sl1, p19, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 20: Sl1, k20, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 21: Sl1, p21, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 22: Sl1, k22, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 23: Sl1, p23, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Size Small only, final row: Sl1, k24, ssk, k1. 27 sts rem for Sole. Proceed to Foot.

Sizes Medium & Large, continue:
Row 24: Sl1, k24, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 25: Sl1, p25, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 26: Sl1, k26, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 27: Sl1, p27, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 28: Sl1, k28, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 29: Sl1, p29, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Size Medium only, final row: Sl1, k30, ssk, k1. 33 sts rem for Sole. Proceed to Foot.

Size Large, continue:
Row 30: Sl1, k30, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 31: Sl1, p31, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 32: Sl1, k32, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 33: Sl1, p33, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 34: Sl1, k34, ssk, k1. Turn.
Row 35: Sl1, p35, p2tog, p1. Turn.
Row 36: Sl1, k36, ssk, k1. 39 sts remain for sole. Proceed to Foot.

Setup Round 1: M1R in the strand running between sole and instep, work Round 1 of Instep Chart for your size, M1L in the strand running between instep and sole, k to 2 sts before end of rnd, ssk. This is now the beginning of the round. 61[71, 81] sts.

Setup Round 2: Work Round 2 of Instep Chart, k2tog (2nd increase st and first sole st), k to end of round. 60[70, 80] sts.

Foot round: Work Instep Chart as set across 33[37, 41] sts, k to end of round.

Work as set until foot measures 1.5[2, 2] inches/ 4[5, 5] cm less than desired length, ending with Instep Chart Round 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8.

Note: The toe will now be worked in stockinette stitch.

Setup Round: K all, rearranging your sts so you have 30[35, 40] instep sts and 30[35, 40] sole sts.

Round 1: K1, ssk, k to 3 sts before end of instep, k2tog, k2, ssk knit to 3 sts before end of round, k2tog, k1. 4 sts decreased.
Round 2: Knit.

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 6[8, 11] more times. 32[34, 32] sts remain.
Work Round 1 only 3[4, 3] times. 20[18, 20] sts remain.

Break yarn, leaving an 18 inch/45 cm tail. With yarn needle, graft toe closed using the Kitchener Stitch.


Weave in all ends. Block if desired.


designername Sarah Lehto is a wife, mom, gardener, knitter, spinner and weaver. Her patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Pattern & images © 2019 Sarah LehtoAME.