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Julie is the result of seeing a $100 necklace in a fashion magazine and thinking to myself, "I can make that...for about one quarter of the price, too."

I hope you will use this pattern only as a starting point for a variety of possibilities. All the supplies are available in a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes.

model: Elizabeth McVey photos: Jordana Paige


Necklace Length: 21 inches
Each Large Bead: 1 inch diameter

DMC Embroidery Floss [100% cotton; 8.7 yd/8m per skein]
[A] 470; 2 skeins
[B] 823; 1 skein
[C] 921; 2 skeins
[D] 3808; 2 skeins
Note: Each bead uses one skein of embroidery floss.

1 set US #0/2 mm straight needles
4 floss bobbins
7 x 1-inch round wooden beads
Sewing needle
1 yd .375 inch wide ribbon (buy more ribbon if you would like a longer necklace)
6 large glass beads
Toggle clasp
2 large jump rings
Sewing thread in same color as ribbon
Needle-nose pliers
44 sts/50 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch

[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here]

Garter stitch is more elastic than stockinette stitch. For this reason, more stitches are cast on and more rows are worked for the stockinette stitch bead, than for the garter stitch bead.

Before working each bead, wind the skein of floss you will use onto a bobbin. This will help prevent your floss from becoming twisted.


Garter Stitch Bead [Make one each in A, B, C and D]:

CO 12 sts.

K 1 row.

Next Row: BO 1, k to last st, kfb.

Repeat this row until work measures 2.75 inches.

BO all sts. Break floss, leaving a long (10-12 inch) tail for seaming.

Stockinette St Bead [Make one each in A, C and D]:

CO 13 sts.

K 1 row.

Row 1: BO 1, p to last st, kfb.

Row 2: BO 1, k to last st, kfb.

Repeat these 2 rows until work measures 3 inches.

BO all sts. Break floss, leaving a long (10-12 inch) tail for seaming.


With wrong sides together, sew CO and BO edges together. Turn work right side out.

Thread floss through the ridges created by binding off and increasing. Pull tight so that the size of the hole created is the same as the size of the hole in the bead. Sew to secure. Place bead inside work, so that the hole of the bead lines up with the hole at the bottom of the knitted piece. Finish remaining opening of knitted piece in the same manner, and sew in ends.

Use pliers to attach a jump ring to each end of toggle clasp. Determine arrangement of beads and string onto ribbon.

Center beads on ribbon so that the tails at each end are of equal length. Tie a knot at each end, close to end beads. Cut ribbon to 1 inch longer than desired finished length.

Thread each ribbon end through a jump ring. Fold each over twice, so that no raw edge is showing (see photo). Sew ribbon ends in place.



Jordana's patterns have appeared in the pages of Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple and

She finally gave in and got a blog to talk about her projects and her knitting products company, Jordana Paige.