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Akebono, a free knitting pattern from Knitty.com. Free knitting pattern for a lace-stitch hat, evoking cherry blossoms.



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I love to try different textures that are possible to create with knitting. Due to that, I came up with this texture inspired by beautiful cherry blossoms. The tree blooms every year around my birthday, which creates a sense of nostalgia for me.

The name, Akebono, is the particular variety of cherry tree that grows in Georgia, where I live.

I created the first version using one color, and then I decided to try it with two colors. Both options are available, so it’s up to you which one you chose to knit!

spacer model: Anna Maslova, Laura Maslova

spacer photos: Kulli Maslova

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Adult S[M, L
One color version: Shown in S on model with 21 in/53.5cm circumference head
Two color version: Shown in M on model with 21 in/53.5cm circumference head


Head Circumference: 20[22,  24] in/  50.5[56,  61]
Depth: 8.5[9, 9.5] in/ 22[23, 24] cm – adjustable to preference [, ]

For a snugger fit, choose a size with approximately 1 inch/2.5 cm negative ease; for a more relaxed, slouchy look, choose a size with approximately 1 inches/2.5 cm positive ease.


Two-color version (shown above left):
spacer [MC] Madelinetosh DK Twist [100% Superwash Merino: 250yd/228m per 3.5oz/100g skein]; Curiosity, 1 skein
spacer [CC] Jilly & Kiddles Ideal DK [75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon; 246yd/225m per 3.5oz/100g skein]; Lava Lamp, 1 skein

One-color version (shown above right):
spacer Miss Babs Hot Shot [80% Merino Superwash, 20% Nylon; 400 yd/m per 4oz/ 114g skein]; Adobe; 1 skein
spacer Lana Grossa Silkhair [70% Mohair, 30% Silk; 230yd/210m per 0.8oz/25g skein]; Beige; 1 skein
Note: For the one-color version, both yarns are held together.

Yarn characteristics:
You can easily substitute any DK-weight yarn or held fingering-weight yarn double with laceweight mohair yarn. The pattern stitch looks best in solid or nearly solid colorways.

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below - every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer US #5/3.75mm 16-inch/40 cm circular needle
spacer US #7/4.5mm 16-inch/40 cm circular needle
spacer US #7/4.5mm needles for small circumference in the round, for working crown

spacer stitch marker
spacer yarn needle


20 sts/32 rounds = 4 inches/10cm in stockinette stitch
18 sts/32 rounds = 4 inches/10 cm in pattern stitch

Note: for the two-color hat, gauge is for the yarn held singly; for the one-color hat, gauge is for both yarns held together.


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

Hat is worked inside out.

For one color version ignore color directions, and use both yarns held together throughout. When working the two-color version, carry yarn you’re not using in the front of the work.

Star: k3tog, leaving the sts on the left needle, yo, and knit again through the same 3 stitches, then drop the original 3 stitches from your left needle


Note: Hat is worked inside out.

With smaller needle and MC, CO 88[96, 104] stitches. Place marker and join for working in the round.

Round 1: [K1, p1] around.
Work 13 rounds total as set.

Change to larger needles.
Round 1: With MC, [k1tbl, p3] around.
Round 2: With CC, [k1tbl, p3] around.
Round 3: With CC, [k1tbl, star] around.
Round 4: With MC, [k1tbl, sl 1 pwise wyib, p1, sl 1 pwise wyib] around.
Repeat Rounds 1-4 11[12, 13] more times, or until hat measures about 1 inch/2.5cm short of desired finished depth.

Crown Decreases:
Round 1: with MC [k1tbl, p1, p2tog] around. 66[72, 78] stitches.

Cut MC; hat is finished in CC. Change to needles for small circumference when the hat gets too small to work on the circular needle.

Round 2: [K1tbl, p2] around.
Round 3: [K1tbl, k2tog] around. 44[48, 52] stitches.
Round 4: [K1tbl, k1] around.
Round 5: SSK around. 22[24, 26] stitches.
Round 6: SSK around. 11[12, 13] stitches.
Cut the yarn and pull through the remaining stitches.


Turn hat inside out. Handwash hat, squeeze all the moisture out and lay flat to dry. Don’t stretch it! Weave in ends.


designername Kulli is long-time knitter who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She waits year-round for winter to come for the excitement of wearing wool sweaters. She teaches at her local LYS.

Find more of her work on Ravelry.

Pattern & images © 2020 Kulli Maslova.