The Knitty Library : - Deep Fall 2019

The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

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Appletree Knits


Practical Knitting Wisdom

Spring + Summer 2019

Knitting with non-wool fibers (overview, tips + tricks)

Winter 2018

The Long-Tail Cast on – How to do it, and versions for ribbing and two-color knitting

Deep Fall 2018

Short Row Options – Wrap+Turn, Yarn Over, Japanese and German variations

First Fall 2018

Knitted Colorwork: Fair Isle + Intarsia tips + tricks

Spring + Summer 2018

Kitchener Stitch for stockinette, reverse stockinette and garter stitch

Winter 2017

Slipped Stitches: knitwise, purlwise + edges sock heels + mosaic knitting

Deep Fall 2017

Knitting Seamless Garments

First Fall 2017

Working in the round

Spring + Summer 2017

Techniques to use with lace

Winter 2016

Working with Bulky Yarns