Wiseknit : Knitty.com - Deep Fall 2018



Practical Knitting Wisdom

by Kate Atherley

One of the wonderful things about knitting is that there are so many different solutions to every problem, so many possible answers to every question. This column aims to expand your knitting knowledge and toolkit with practical solutions and answers to your technical knitting questions and conundrums.


This issue: Short Row Options – Wrap+Turn, Yarn Over, Japanese and German variations

 These videos build on each other, so if you have time and you're new to the concept of short rows, watch them in order from top to bottom.

Wiseknit™ - Wrap+Turn Short Rows


Wiseknit™ - Yarn Over Short Rows


Wiseknit™ - Japanese Short Rows


Wiseknit™ - German Short Rows


Wiseknit™ - Comparing the four options