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Coinneal, a free knitting pattern from Free knitting pattern for a two-color hat using slipped stitches and corrugated rib.



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Coinneal is the Irish word for candle and candle flames dance around the circumference of this slouchy hat. Coinneal is pronounced “quin-elle” with an almost whispery soft qw sound. It is an old Irish tradition to place a candle in the window at Christmas. I love the imagery of a flame shining in the darkness, welcoming visitors to your home.

The hat is worked in the round from the bottom up, starting with a two color corrugated rib. Slip stitch cable motifs in the main color run around the hat on a background of striped garter stitch. The silver sparkle in the complementary yarn adds a feeling of candle light to the hat.

This is a hat to keep both body and soul warm on long winter evenings. It requires two Aran or Worsted weight yarns. The pattern is very forgiving if using two yarns of slightly different weights. The Candle motif works best with a Solid color yarn. Solid, tonal, gradient or speckled yarns all work well as the contrast yarn.

spacer model: Molly McDonagh

spacer photos: Ciara Ní Reachtnín

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 Child[Adult S, Adult L]
shown in size Adult S


Band Circumference:  16[20, 24] inches/ 40[50, 60] cm
Height:  9[10, 11] inches/ 22[25, 28] cm

Note: Choose a band size with 1-1.5 inches/2-3 cm negative ease. The band should fit snuggly around your head.


Carol Feller Nua Worsted [60% Merino Wool, 20% Yak, 20% Linen; 109 yd/100m per 50g skein]
spacer [MC] Rolling Bales; 1[1, 2] skeins
spacer [CC] Late Night Blues; 1[1, 2] skeins

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below - every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer US #8/5mm circular needle, 16 inch/40cm
spacer US #6/4mm circular needle, 16 inch/40cm
spacer US #8/5mm needles for small circumference method: traditional or flexible DPNs, 1 long circular or 2 short circulars as you prefer

spacer cable needle
spacer stitch markers
spacer yarn needle


18 sts/34 rounds = 4 inches/10 cm in stockinette stitch
One patt rep of the candle flame motif measures 4.5 inches by 3.75 inches on larger needles


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

C2F: Sl the next st onto cn and hold in front, k next st, then k1 from cn.
C2B: Sl the next st onto cn and hold in back, k next st, then k1 from cn.

Corrugated Rib – Slip-Stitch Method:
Round 1: With MC, K1, [sl2 wyib, k2] to last 3 sts, sl2 wyib, k1.
Round 2: With CC, Sl1, [p2, sl2 wyib] to last 3 sts p2, sl1 wyib.
Note: two rnds are worked to create 1 rnd in pattern.

Candle Flame Pattern
Work from chart or written instructions as you prefer.
Rnd 1: K7, C2F, k5, m1l, k5, C2F, k3]. 1 st increased.
Rnd 2: P7, sl2 wyib, p11, sl2 wyib p3.
Rnd 3: K6, C2B, C2F, k9, C2B, C2F, k2.
Rnd 4: P6, sl1 wyib, p1, sl2 wyib, p9, sl1 wyib, p1, sl2 wyib, p2.
Rnd 5: K5, C2B twice; C2F, k7, C2B twice; C2F, k1].
Rnd 6: P5, (sl1 wyib, p1) twice; sl1 wyib twice; p7, sl1 wyib, p1, sl1 wyib, p2, sl1 wyib, p1.
Rnd 7: K4, C2B three times; C2F, k5, C2B twice; k2, C2F.
Rnd 8: P4, (sl1 wyib, p1) twice; sl1 wyib, p2, sl1 wyib, p5, sl1 wyib, p1, sl1 wyib, p4, sl wyib.
Rnd 9: K3, C2B three times; k2, C2F, k3, C2B twice; k5.
Rnd 10: P3, (sl1 wyib, p1) twice; sl1 wyib, p4, sl1 wyib, p3, sl1 wyib, p1, sl1 wyib, p5, sl1 wyib.
Rnd 11: K4, C2B twice; k9, C2B, k4, C2B.
Rnd 12: P4, sl1 wyib, p1, sl1 wyib, p5, sl1 wyib, p4, sl1 wyib, p5, sl1 wyib, p1.
Rnd 13: K5, C2B, k4, C2B, k9, C2B, k1.
Rnd 14: (P5, sl1 wyib) twice; p10, sl 1 wyib, p2.
Rnd 15: K10, C2B, k9, C2B, k2.
Rnd 16: (P10, sl1 wyib) twice; p3.
Rnd 17:(K9, C2B) twice; k3.
Rnd 18: P9, sl 1 wyib, p10, sl1 wyib, p4.
Rnd 19: K8, C2B, k15.
Rnd 20: P8, sl1 wyib, p16.
Rnd 21: K7, C2B, k16.
Rnd 22: P7, sl1 wyib, p17.

Crown Pattern
Work from chart or written instructions as you prefer.
Rnd 1: K11, CDD, k11. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 2: P11, sl1 wyib, p11.
Rnd 3:K10, CDD, k11. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 4: P10, sl1 wyib, p10.
Rnd 5: K9, CDD, k9. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 6: P9, sl1 wyib, p9.
Rnd 7: K8, CDD, k8. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 8: P8, sl1 wyib, p8.
Rnd 9: K7, CDD, k7. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 10: P7, sl1 wyib, p7.
Rnd 11: K6, CDD, k6. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 12: P6, sl1 wyib, p6.
Rnd 13: K5, CDD, k5. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 14: P5, sl1 wyib, p5.
Rnd 15: K4, CDD, k4. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 16: P4, sl1 wyib, p4.
Rnd 17: K3, CDD, k3. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 18: P3, sl1 wyib, p3.
Rnd 19: K2, CDD, k2. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 20: P2, sl1 wyib, p2.
Rnd 21: K1, CDD, k1. 2 sts decreased.
Rnd 22: P1, sl1 wyib, p1. 3 sts rem per repeat.



With smaller needles, and MC, CO 96[120, 144] sts.
Place marker and join for working in the round.

Setup Round: K1 in MC, [k2 in CC, k2 in MC] to last st, k1 in MC.
Work Rounds 1-2 of the Corrugated rib pattern 11[13, 15] times.

Change to larger size needle and MC.
Work all odd numbered rnds in MC and all even numbered rnds in CC.

Setup round, increase for chart pattern: With MC, work Row 1 of Candle Flame pattern 4[5, 6] times. 100[125, 150] sts

Next round, establish pattern: Work Row 2 of Candle Flame pattern 4[5, 6] times around.

Continue as set until chart is complete.
Next round: Knit with MC.
Following round: Purl with CC.
Repeat the last 2 rounds 6[8, 10] more times.

Crown Shaping
Next round, establish pattern: Work Crown Shaping pattern 4[5, 6] times around.
When chart complete 12[15, 18] sts rem.

Final round: CDD around. 4[5, 6] sts rem.


Break yarn, leaving a 6 inch/15 cm tail; with yarn needle pull yarn through live sts. Secure yarn.

Weave in all ends. Block by soaking the hat in lukewarm water with your favourite wool wash. Squeeze out the excess water by rolling up in a towel. Using a dinner plate inside of hat, smooth-out the star shaped crown of the hat flat and into a round shape. Place the plate on a tall glass or vase to keep the brim from becoming stretched and allow to hang down. Leave the hat to dry before wearing!


designername Ciara Ní Reachtnín is an Irish knitwear designer and indie dyer, living in the wilds of the West of Ireland with her four children – a teenage mastermind, a mad scientist, his sidekick and the newest edition, the 3 year old Queen of Connacht herself – husband and two crazy dogs. When not knitting, Ciara is busy with her day job as a multi-grade primary school teacher in a tiny rural school, and all sorts of other fiddly crafts.

You can read more about Ciara on her blog. Find her here on Ravelry.

Pattern & images © 2020 Ciara Ní Reachtnín