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Plain Sight

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Plain Sight

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I love finding clever ways to play with the typical components of a toe-up or top-down sock. The gusset is one element that stands out from the rest of the sock, and many sock knitters dread this part.

This sock embraces the gusset as a design feature and is actually the highlight of this footwear! Working from the toe-up, twisted ribbing cuts its way through stockinette to the top of the instep where the lace gusset is inserted. Yarnovers without matching decreases create an expanding gusset on the top of the foot, rather than hidden along the sides. After the heel, the lace works its way seamlessly up the leg of the sock, perfectly matching the unique gusset.

It's an entertaining knit that will keep you on your toes and have you showing off a gusset that is hidden in Plain Sight!

spacer photos: Lisa K. Ross

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Adult S[M, L


Foot Circumference: 6.75[7.75, 8.75] ins /  17[19.5, 22] cm

Foot Length: adjustable to fit

Leg Circumference: 7[8,  9] ins / 18[20.5,  23] cm
Leg Length: adjustable to fit

These socks are designed to fit with 1-1.25 ins /2.5-3cm negative ease.
Choose the size that is approximately 1-1.25 ins/2.5-3cm less than actual foot/leg circumference.


spacer Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper [75% Superwash Merino/25%nylon; 463yd/423m per 3.53 oz/100 g skein]; color: Dream Weaver; 1 skein

Recommended needle size
[always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below - every knitter's gauge is unique]
spacer 1 set(s) US #1/2.25mm needles for small circumference in the round

spacer 4 stitch markers
spacer 1 removable stitch marker
spacer cable needle
spacer yarn needle


32 sts/48 rounds = 4 ins/10 cm in stockinette stitch
32 sts/48 rounds = 4 ins/10 cm in Plain Sight lace pattern

Note: gauge is always taken after blocking.


[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations and techniques can be found here.]

Lace patterns are charted only, due to the number and size of charts.

5 St Cluster: slip next 5 sts purlwise onto cable needle; wrap working yarn around these stitches 3 times, counterclockwise; k2, p1, k2 off cable needle

7 St Cluster: slip next 7 sts purlwise onto cable needle; wrap working yarn around these stitches 3 times, counterclockwise; k3, p1, k3 off cable needle

ptbl: purl through the back loop

Sewn Bind-Off
1. Cut a length of yarn approximately 3 times the length of the sts to bind off and thread into a tapestry needle.
2. Insert the tapestry needle through the first two sts purlwise, leaving sts on the knitting needle. Pull the yarn all the way through but DO NOT pull tightly.
3. Insert the tapestry needle knitwise through the first st on the needle, sliding this st off the knitting needle. Pull the yarn all the way through but DO NOT pull tightly.
Repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is 1 st left on the needle. Insert the needle purlwise and slide this st off the knitting needle. Pull snugly and sew together with the beginning of the round.


gusset charts

gusset charts


Using Judy's Magic CO, CO 26 sts – 13 on each side. Attach a removable stitch marker to one of the sts to mark beginning of the round. Knit 1 round. Arrange sts with the first half on one needle for the instep. The other half can be on a second needle (if working magic loop or with 2 circulars) or divided among two needles (if using DPNs). These sts will be used for the sole of the foot.

Set-up Round: K1, m1l, k1, pm, (p1, ktbl1) 4 times, p1, pm, k1, m1r, k1; k1, m1l, k to last sole st, m1r, k1. 4 sts increased.

Round 1: K1, m1l, k to m, (p1, ktbl1) 4 times, p1, k to last instep st, m1r, k1; k1, m1l, k to last sole st, m1r, k1. 4 sts increased.

Repeat Round 1 1[2, 3] more times until there are 38[42, 46] sts on the needles.

Round 2: K to m, (p1, ktbl1) 4 times, p1, k to end.

Repeat Rounds 1-2 4[5, 6] more times until there are 54[62, 70] sts on the needles.

Round 1: K to m, (p1, ktbl1) 4 times, p1, k to end of round.

Continue in pattern until foot measures 3.25[3.5, 4] ins/ 8.5[9, 10] cm short of desired foot length (approximately 0.5 ins/ 1.5cm shorter than the foot that will wear it).

The Lace Gusset will now be worked between the Twisted Rib markers. The number of stitches for the foot will increase by 2 every other round. All increases are worked within the lace gusset. Due to the placement of the gusset, you may have to adjust stitches across your needles.

Round 1: K to m, work Gusset chart for your size, k to end of round.

Continue in pattern, stopping after the round that includes Gusset chart row 19[23, 27] . 74[86, 98] sts.

Set-up Short Row 1 [RS]: Remove BOR marker, k to m, work Gusset chart row 20[24, 28] , k 33[38, 43] , w&t.
Short Row 2 [WS]: P 21[23, 25] , w&t.
Short Row 3 [RS]: K 20[22, 24] , w&t.
Short Row 4 [WS]: P 19[21, 23] , w&t.
Short Row 5 [RS]: K 18[20, 22] , w&t.
Short Row 6 [WS]: P 17[19, 21] , w&t.
Short Row 7 [RS]: K 16[18, 20] , w&t.
Short Row 8 [WS]: P 15[17, 19] , w&t.
Short Row 9 [RS]: K 14[16, 18] , w&t.
Short Row 10 [WS]: P 13[15, 17] , w&t.
Short Row 11 [RS]: K 12[14, 16] , w&t.
Short Row 12 [WS]: P 11[13, 15] , w&t.
Short Row 13 [RS]: K 10[12, 14] , w&t.
Short Row 14 [WS]: P 9[11, 13] , w&t.
Short Row 15 [RS]: K 8[10, 12] , w&t.
Short Row 16 [WS]: P 7[9, 11] , w&t.
Short Row 17 [RS]: K 6[8, 10] , w&t.
Short Row 18 [WS]: P 5[7, 9] , w&t.

Size L ONLY:
Short Row 19 [RS]: K8, w&t.
Short Row 20 [WS]: P7, w&t.

Heel Flap
You will now be working across the wrapped stitches. Pick up the wraps and work them together with the stitches when you come to them.

Row 1 [RS]: K 14[16, 17] ; turn.
Row 2 [WS]: P 23[25, 27] ; turn.
Row 3 [RS]: Sl1 wyib, k 21[23, 25] , ssk; turn. 1 st decreased.
Row 4 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p 21[23, 25] , p2tog; turn. 1 st decreased.

Repeat Rows 3-4 7[9, 11] more times, until there are 3[4, 5] sts between each side of the heel gap and each gusset marker. 58[66, 74] sts rem.

Next Round: Sl1 wyib, k 21[23, 25] , ssk to close heel gap, k to m, work Gusset chart row 21[25, 29] , k 2[3, 4] , k2tog to close heel gap, k 10[11, 12] , pm to indicate new BOR. 2 sts decreased. 56[64, 72] sts.

Begin working Leg Lace for your size, placing markers between chart repeats. Continue in pattern until leg measures approximately 0.5 ins / 1.5 cm short of desired length, ending after Row 2.

Cuff Set-up Round: [P1, ktbl1, ptbl1, (ktbl, p1) 4[5, 6] times, ktbl1, ptbl1, ktbl1] around, removing markers as you come to them.

Twisted Ribbing: (P1, ktbl1) around.

Continue Twisted Ribbing until cuff measures 0.5 ins / 1.5 cm. Bind off using the Sewn Method. See Pattern Notes for details.


Weave in all ends and wet block the sock to relax the stitches.


designername Lisa K. Ross is a mother of four boys living in Bloomington, Indiana. Her maiden name "Stricker" means "knitter" though she did not pick up needles until years after getting married. Since that time, she has rarely put down the knitting needles, feeling that knitting is in her blood.

Her obsession with sock knitting and fantasy has led her to create the Socks of Wonderland and Socks of Wonka collections available on Ravelry. Look for Socks of Storytime coming this spring!

Pattern & images © 2019 Lisa K. Ross.