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The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

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Garage Dyeworks

Techniques with Theresa

Photo-rich knitting tutorials, showing techniques step by step, with clear written instructions.

Winter Bis 2011

Blocking [preparing for seaming]

Deep Fall 2011

Blocking [lace]

Deep Fall 2010

Blocking [whole garments]

First Fall 2010

Jogless stripes

Winter 2009

Increases revisited

Fall 2009

Decreases revisited

Spring 2009

Why knitters need a (crochet) hook, part II.

Winter 2008

Why knitters need a (crochet) hook.

Summer 2008

Reinforcing hand-knit socks to make them last longer; darning

Spring 2008

Cables, continued [reading charts, fixing errors]

Summer 2007


Spring 2007

Recycle-reuse-renew [rip and restore yarn]

Winter 2006

Color stranding

Fall 2006

Binding off, continued

Summer 2006

Binding off

Spring 2006

Seaming sleeves into a garment

Winter 2005

Twined knitting

Fall 2005

Casting on, continued

Summer 2005

Casting on

Spring 2005

Picking up stitches [curved edges]

Winter 2004

Picking up stitches [straight edges]

Fall 2004

Weaving in ends

Summer 2004

Grafting/Kitchener stitch

Spring 2004

Seaming [general]

Winter 2003

Ripping out your work

Fall 2003

Circular needles

Summer 2003

Double-pointed needles

Spring 2003

Increases and decreases

Winter 2002

Fixing mistakes