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The Knitty Feature Library

The Knitty Feature Library

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First Fall 2022

How to use steam to revive fiber and yarn

Winter 2021

Intermittent color

Deep Fall 2021

Planning for a project: Sampling

First Fall 2021

Planning for a project: How to Build Your Project Yarn

Spring + Summer 2021

Planning for a project: The Beginning

Winter 2020

Your Everyday Yarn Is the Key to Spinning Any Yarn

Deep Fall 2020

4-Ply Yarns: Smooth and Textured

First Fall 2020

Stash Diving

Spring + Summer 2020

Single and Double Marls

Winter 2019

Ideas for Sampling Color: Drafting Together Edition

Deep Fall 2019

Yarn size and how it affects color blending

First Fall 2019

Combo Draft vs. Combo Spin: What’s the Difference?

Spring + Summer 2019

Blending Color with Combs

Winter 2018

Fun yarns from small bits of fiber

Deep Fall 2018

Ply Twist and Weaving

Spring + Summer 2018

Plants and Sheep: wool, flax and ramie

Winter 2017

Spiral plying

Deep Fall 2017

Heather & Tweed: Which is Which?

First Fall 2017

When Is a 2-ply Yarn Not Really a 2-ply Yarn?

Spring + Summer 2017

Let there be light! Or How to Lighten a Colorway at Your Wheel

Winter 2016

Bring Out Your Cards: Carding for Color

Deep Fall 2016

Strung Along: How many plies for colorwork knitting?

First Fall 2016

Woolen and Worsted: It’s Not the Direction of Your Draft

First Fall 2015

How twist direction and your style of knitting affect the finished fabric

First Fall 2013

Plying for Knitting: The Lace and Cable Edition

Spring + Summer 2011

Knitting with handspun