SOS - Help small fiber businesses : - First Fall 2023


SOS: Help our fiber friends

Stitches' abrupt closure, declared May 15, 2023, leaves a huge number of people financially affected. Small businesses that were to exhibit sent large sums to book booths that they will never get to exhibit and sell in. Teachers taught right up to the day before the announcement, and may never be paid for their work, let alone costs related to teaching that were scheduled to be reimbursed. You can read more about what's happened in this article (shared with permission of the author).

Stitches will be processing claims through their lawyer, but we have no idea WHEN these claims will be processed, and HOW MUCH of the money owed will be paid back (if any).

This page is for those who have been affected to list their wares and services. If you are a Vendor or Teacher affected by this bankruptcy, you can book a free ad here. The ads will be displayed in our Spring+Summer '23 (immediately), First Fall '23, and Deep Fall '23 issues.

Those of us who want to support the small businesses affected can browse these ads and send money their way. Some businesses may set up a way to donate, so that we can send funds directly to them without asking for anything in return.

Hands On Knitting Center
Stitch Stuff Yarn
Knitting Lizard Fibers
Amy Snell
Daisy Bags
Supernova Dyeworks
Lavender Lune Yarn Co.
The Zippy Zebra
The Miller Girls
Michele A Friedman | Designer Metalsmith
Yoriko Oki
Teton Yarn Company
J Stern Designs
RMR Yarn Co.
Alexandra the Art of Yarn
Kim McBrien Evans
Dye Lots Studio
Desert Panda Fiber Arts
Comma Craft Co
Why Knot Fibers
Cerulean Orchid
Heather Storta
The Royal Bee Yarn Company