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Letters From The Editors

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Amy Singer
spacer photo: Amy

Living while masked

As you can see below, Jillian is dipping her toes back into public interaction. But I'm still mostly staying home and distanced, because I'm just not ready yet.

Since our last issue, I've actually been to a fiber festival, but fully masked 99% of the time. (It was still the law during my visit, which I found comforting.) Hanging around people wearing a mask was a slight mood dampener, but it was that or not going. And really I was so happy to see my fellow yarn folk that I soon forgot I was wearing the thing. Despite being around so many humans, I came home Covid free, and stash slightly enhanced. Success!

At the end of this month, I'll be hosting our Knitty lounge booth (#823, come visit! We'll have masks if you don't bring your own.) at the brand-new h+h americas trade show in Chicago. I and everyone in my booth will be masked. It's a big deal for us to do our first trade show, and we're doing it because it's our 20th Anniversary this year and we want to spread the news. And that's all we want to spread.

I don't love wearing a mask. But I am doing my damndest to avoid getting Covid because I've got enough stuff going on with me already.

knitty mastheadOur First Fall issue is here and it's full of lacy loveliness. Our design prompt was Living In Lace, and designers did not disappoint. Lots of lace in all different forms and gauges floated into our inbox.

You'll also notice more crochet patterns than usual, and we're so happy about it! Not all yarnies are knitters, and we are so happy to be able to offer patterns for those who prefer hook to needle. You'll find all the yarny goodness here.

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Amy Sig
Amy Singer
[editor, Knitty]



spacer photo: Jillian

We’re back! Mostly.

Some of us are feeling comfortable enough to meet and spin in person again. Since the last issue, I’ve taught at both PLY Away and Maryland Sheep and Wool.

It feels so good to be teaching spinners in person, even just to be around groups of spinners. I could tell how happy everyone was by how hard it was sometimes to actually teach, everyone just wanted to talk to each other. In fact, I had a couple of classes where I taught to segments of the room one after another, rather than break up discussions.

Was it perfect? Is it ever? Everyone was awkward (me, mostly it was me being awkward), not really knowing how to interact in person after two years away, but everyone was awkward in the same way so it was ok. As a teacher my stamina was just not there. I was pooped and turned in at 9 most nights.

Sitting in the same room as other creative spinners is something that really can’t be replicated online. I’ve missed it that particular give and take. I had forgotten how much I like enabling other spinners while shopping in person, so much fun.

Gathering is something we need as humans, and I think creative people need it even more. I’m still gathering with people online, both socially and through teaching, I don’t ever want that to go away. It’s so accessible for so many spinners who can’t travel for any number of reasons.

In this issue’s Knittyspin, I talk about steaming. I use steaming with a handheld steamer for a lot reasons. Check out my column and see if there is anything you might like to try.

Enjoy the warmer weather and being outside (in the northern hemisphere), make sure to meet up with your friends any way you can!

Happy spinning!

Jillian Sig

Jillian Moreno
[editor, Knittyspin]