The Knitty Library : - First Fall 2021

The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

The Knitty Library

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Plays Well Together

Patterns that feature crochet and knitting together. Each pattern includes a tutorial designed specifically to help knitters learn to crochet.

First Fall 2016

Bias Button Cowl + how to make clusters (the opposite of shells)

Spring + Summer 2016

Mod Waterfall Vest + How to make the half-double crochet stitch

First Fall 2015

Swink! pullover + a lesson on crochet gauge

Spring + Summer 2015

Crane hill tank + a lesson on ripple stitches

Winter 2014

A trio of small gifts + a lesson on gauge and scale

Deep Fall 2014

Apiculturist Scarf pattern + a lesson on individual crocheted motifs and how to join them together

First Fall 2014

Grantangle shawl pattern + Granny Square tutorial

Spring + Summer 2014

Learn how to crochet from a knitter's perspective | basic stitches tutorial

Deep Fall 2013

NEW! a knitter who crochets and a crocheter who knits find a way to make beautiful patterns together. Crochet in Knitty? Be still my heart.