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The Knitty Feature Library

The Knitty Feature Library

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Abby's Yarns

Stitches In Time | Historical knitting patterns made knittable

From the unique perspective of needlework history expert, Franklin Habit, this column features antique patterns translated into language modern knitters can follow and often updated for more modern tastes.

Spring + Summer 2015

Victorian mash-up baby hat

Winter 2014

Men's gloves

Deep Fall 2014

Jersey Jacket for a Child (1888)

First Fall 2014

Heart's Ease Boutonniere

Winter 2013

Princess Franklin Plaid Colalr

Deep Fall 2013

a hat that looks good on everyone but Franklin

First Fall 2013

Stranded mittens inspired by vintage patterns

Spring + Summer 2013

A sock that probably shouldn't exist

Winter 2012

Templeton Square + a contest!

Deep Fall 2012

Uhlan Cap (1903)

First Fall 2012

Child's Middy Jumper (1916)

Spring + Summer 2012

Big Damn Pineapple (1840)

Winter Bis 2011

Faucett, or Bandeau for Neck (1846)

Deep Fall 2011

Victorian Baby Doll Ensemble, part II

First Fall 2011

Victorian Baby Doll Ensemble, part I

Spring + Summer 2011

Summer neckerchief with shawl variation by Franklin Habit

Winter 2011

Star Counterpane Block

Deep Fall 2010

Lady's Travelling Cap (1810)

First Fall 2010

Baby Elephant Talk - toy elephant

Spring + Summer 2010

A Little Extra - lace edgings

Winter 2009

Mittens from Mrs Roosevelt

Summer 2009

Miss Lambert's Lace Sampler

Spring 2009

Babez in Da Hood - Baby's Hood pattern

Winter 2008

Little Wonders - orange, tiny jug patterns

Fall 2008

Join me for a nightcap - Nightcap pattern